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Chew Fox is a female furry fan living outside Seattle, Washington, USA.


On September 16, 2009 Chew Fox and her mate Tom Cat were featured on The Tyra Banks Show to discuss fursuit sex. Chew Fox wrote a Fur Affinity journal entry explaining their reason for doing so.[1] Within three hours, at least 428 mostly negative comments were posted to it,[2] after which Fur Affinity became offline for roughly half-an-hour.[3] A subsequent journal entry garnered a similar level of commentary.[4]

Fur Affinity ban[edit]

Within hours the journal entries disappeared, and Chew Fox's Fur Affinity account was banned, her user profile replaced with the message: "This account has been closed due to the following reason: User has brought shame to the entire fandom for their own personal self gain."[citation needed] After many mocking user page shouts were left by irate users, this was replaced with "Trolling shouts or otherwise harassing comments against this user will result in action being taken against your account. What happened has happened, but further trolling and attacks against the user will not be accepted. Please refrain from shouting on her shoutbox at this time. She is not able to defend at this time and it's considered spam."

Fur Affinity ban removal[edit]

Dragoneer apologized for his actions and that he regretted saying some things, saying that Chew Fox's FA account had been temporarily blocked to "prevent drama against her and for site stability."[3] By September 19, her account had been reinstated. Several members were banned after leaving offensive shouts on her user page.

After having her page reinstated and a brief period of inactivity, Chew Fox posted a new journal in an attempt to clarify a few things; notably that others had also expressed interest in the show, and that she and Tom Cat were not paid to appear on the show. These remarks, however, are unverified. Throughout the journal, Chew Fox makes it abundantly clear that she feels she has done nothing wrong and is, in fact, proud of her appearance. She upholds this demeanor despite other people[who?] claiming loss of volunteer jobs and other inconveniences due directly to the Tyra episode.[citation needed]

Second Fur Affinity ban[edit]

Sometime in March or April, her Fur Affinity user profile was replaced with the message:

Chew Fox
Banned Mar 27, 2010 - threatening legal action against Fur Affinity, harassment, intentionally causing drama. -Neer
Chew Fox

This was caused when she walked by Dragoneer at FWA 2010 wearing a t-shirt that read "I crashed F.A. twice and all I got was this stupid shirt :3", and she was been subsequently banned with little chance of repeal.

Fursonas documentary[edit]

In 2016, an award-winning furry documentary directed by Dominic Rodriguez named Fursonas came out, featuring furries including Diezel, Styx, Freya, and various others, including Chewfox, who is interviewed about their daily lives, convention experiences, etc. Chewfox was seen in the documentary with her son and her husband, Tom Cat, giving their ideas about an archive named "neerrage.jpeg" on WikiFur, the archive is displayed below.

Chew Fox
Chewfox and Tyragate

I really don't know what to say about chewfox that hasn't been said already. Suffice to say, she sold out the fandom for her personal gain. She got her 15 minutes on national TV by showing herself to be the very kind of person we all like to pretend doesn't exist, and she did it by taking a collective shit on the rest of us for a few dollars, and her moment in the limelight. I was less embarassed over the Allan Panda pedophile issue than I am this shit.

I hope it was worth it.

I thought about posting my thoughts about this to FA, but the grim reality is anything I'd have to say regarding Chewfox as "Dragoneer" would be laden with four letter words accompanied by my screaming. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS FANDOM YOU RAGING !%#!%$!%$!%$!%$#!!" But there are reasons I do not resort to such things. There are only two people who could ever enrage me to even saying such things in public, and Chewfox doesn't (and won't) get the credit of being one of them.

There are many things I'd like to say to her, but none that I really could say without an overwhelming feeling of disgust.

Chewfox fucked over the entire fandom, and the sad part? She's proud to have done so.

There's nothing sadder than that, at all.[5]

Chew Fox

Chewfox's dialogue while reading this part of the journal:

Chew Fox
I really don't know what to say about Chewfox that hasn't been said already. Suffice to say, she said out the, she said, she sold out the fandom for her own personal gain. She got her 15 minutes on national TV by showing herself to be the very kind of person we all like to pretend doesn't exist, and that's, that's the point when we're talking about, like everyone like to pretend that it didn't exist at all, like no, that it didn't happen at all,and that's, that's, *sighs* that's a rugged way to think, she did it by taking a collective shit on the rest of us for a few dollars, which I didn't make, and her moment in the live, I was less embarrassed over the Allan Panda pedophilia issue than I am this shit, isn't that like, I'm more insulting than a pedophile, I'm more insulting than someone who was found sexually assaulting children, I'm more offensive than that. *laughs*[6]
Chew Fox
(Followed by a picture of a fanart of her and her husband)


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