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Po Shan Cheah (occasionally known as Morton Fox; born September 18, 1973)[1] is an artist who is located in Delaware, U.S.A.[1] He is best known as author of the Limpidity comic strip, but is also a fursuiter, frequent blogger, and maintains a number of personal websites.


Morton Fox knew about the furry fandom at least as early at mid-1992,[1] from Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists. His first furry convention was Albany AnthroCon 1997.[2]


Morton has owned several fursuits,[1] including a unicorn, a coyote, two wolves, a yellow/tan husky named Chestnut Husky, and a raccoon named Salts. He does mascot gigs for charity and community events, with the Hi-4 group.


In addition to his association with furry fandom, he actively participates in geocaching and Where's George.


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