Chekari Van Burden 2

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Chekari Van Burden 2 is a character in the comic series Andorozon created by Ken Singshow but was also featured in Extinctioners comic series created by Shawntae Howard.

Chekari Van Burden 2

A Cheetah humanoid, Chekari 2 is the evil prince of E.C.S. Owing to his supercharged DNA, he is quite advanced. While chronologically 5 years of age, he has the maturity and physical height of an average 9 year old human boy. While Zora, Tonya and Pandora are considered "daughters" of Dr. Van Burden, Chekari 2 has a higher place in her heart above his older sisters because Van Burden used her own womb to give birth to him. Chekari is being raised to believe that he is the most superior being on the planet, that he is destined to be the ruler of the world and all beings on Earth exist to serve him. He feels that only his sisters and his Mother are equals to him. He worships his Mother. Despite being a slightly rude bratty kid, he does have an odd code of honor of his own. He does care his sisters and he is still a young boy who wants to be loved.

To make him more effective in battle, Dr. Van Burden built him the Bio Shell Armor, controlled via a brain-wave interface. When in his armor, he becomes King Chekari and becomes even bolder, in addition to being an unstoppable one man search and destroy team.

Chekari has a slight rivalry with Micro, since he so easily defeated him physically during a rescue attempt to save Rokki, the flying-squirrel anthroid. He first appeared in issue 11 of the Extinctioner comic series.

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