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Cheetah Kid, also known as Capt. Stealth Nightstalker and Cheetahkid Parx on Second Life (born May 4, 1961),[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.[1] Cheetah Kid's hobbies include electronics, Arduino, and photography. On September 24, 2014, Cheetah Kid lost his left side lower leg in a motorcycle accident.


Cheetah Kid's fursona is a two-metre-tall cheetah/dragon hybrid with a two-metre-long tail. In the daylight he is blue with purple spots, with a white lower half and white horns. At night, his colors darken until only his eyes can be seen.[1].


Cheetah's first fursuit character is Cosmos, a husky puppy who was built in 2007 by Jill0r and Joecifur. He debuted at Collectormania at Milton Keynes, on October 27, 2007.[2]

He also has a second fursuit character, Azt, a Quetzalcoatl who was built by Blue Fox Fursuits (head) and WhiteyFawks (body, wings and paws).[3] The head debuted at the April 16th, 2012 LeedsFurs mini-meet; the complete suit later debuted at the March 16th, 2013 LeedsFurs mini-meet.[4]


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