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Cheap Thrills
Author(s) Skurvy
Update schedule Completed
End Date May 10, 2013
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Cheap Thrills was a furry webcomic by Skurvy. It centered on Jeordie, a rabbit, and his friends. The plot commenced exploring high school social life and the problems associated with being a teenager, eventually moving on to follow the characters as they adapted to life after school. The comic's completion was announced on May 10, 2013, on the author's blog.[1]

[edit] Characters

Jeordie Maaltajik is a rabbit character whose ethnicity is a mix of Iranian and Native American. His maturity as a character, ongoing drug issues and troubles moving forward in life are a major component of the webcomic.

Bethany is a cat whose family troubles have brought her to the edge more than once. The comic's story alludes to her abusive mother kicking her out of the house, and forcing her to live with her aunt. Also, she has a past of being a "problem child", allowing her to be home schooled.

Gladys Bethany's abusive mother. She is a control freak, easily angered, and generally unpleasant even when she is in a good mood.

[edit] References

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