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Duraji Tarro is the primary furry fandom avatar of WH Charron, a 25-year-old self proclaimed "jack-of-all-trades, master of none" from Connecticut.

He is a synthorg, a synthetic organic entity made from nanotechnology, alchemy, elemental magic, and proprietary organic-like cellular structures. The primary form he takes is that of a male draconid.

This avatar is not to be confused with Charron's other main player characters, Lurdanjo "Danji" Mistaro and Zardios Marren, although he shares elements from both. Storywise, Duraji's mind and personality was sampled from both, although he has distanced himself from each due to his unique experiences.


A cute picture of Zardios as he appears to most people. Drawn by Wally Wolf.

Zardios Marren is an anthroid in the form of a green lizard/dragon hybrid. He stands about six feet three inches tall, has foot-long blue hair that he spikes out in the summer, and has a slim yet very shapely athletic tone best described as a lifeguard's physique. In the world of Kinta, where Draganta Starwind also lives, he is Lurdanjo Mistaro's bodyguard and best friend. His complex design ensures that he is physically indistinguishable from an organic creature on the outside, much like a Terminator, albeit fully benevolent.

Zardios under construction. Drawn by Uniform Vixen, AKA Dr. ScottyFox.

Although 100% artificial, he prefers not to be called a robot or a machine, as he can express and genuinely feel at least 90% of organic emotions (such exceptions including hatred and jealousy), although he tends to be far more logical in using them. Because of this, he is very resolute in his feelings and opinions (he won't stop loving those he loves, he tends not to judge others based on accidents or quick experiences), but also has trouble understanding the purpose of evil or how it could possibly exist, which often troubles or depresses him. He also has a great deal of trouble understanding the concept of death, though he understands it to be especially emotionally painful.

Far from being a mindless machine, Zardios enjoys many activities such as painting, playing the piano, gardening, and other pastimes that give simple pleasures. His personality is very gentle and loving, as he is willing to help out anyone in danger and comfort them if necessary. His voice is low yet full of soothing energy.

His artificial nature allows him a different sort of personality from many other beings, and also gives him many advantages. He is not prone to become tired, sore, bored, or to receive physical pain. He possesses great strength and stamina relative to most ordinary beings. He also has incredible flexibility and limited transformation abilities such as being able to change his scale and hair color. Having a very fast, artificially intelligent mind also allows him to excel at games of skill and logic such as chess or Tetris. On the flip side, he is not considered very creative or independent, and therefore can be easily convinced to do just about anything he considers ethical, logical or not, and often loses at creative games like Pictionary.

Lurdanjo Mistaro[edit]

Lurdanjo badge by Scully Raptor

Lurdanjo Mistaro, also known affectionately as "Danji", is a commonly roleplayed avatar of Duraji. Lurdanjo is a red draconid recognized by his medium length rounded muzzle, felinoid ears, long black hair, Chinese dragon necklace, and otherwise extremely casual clothing such as tee shirts and jeans.

Lurdanjo is known for being cute and shy at some moments, and brash and outspoken in other moments. Despite being small and thin, he has a very dominative personality and enjoys getting his way, as long as no one else objects to this. He is also highly robophilic, and seems to be unable to have a romantic relationship with a non-robotic entity.


His player's current ambitions revolve mostly around the concept of anthroids and other artificial beings, as he obsesses over how they fit into the fandom and how he can use his imagination tied with their traits to challenge those who delve into his fictional world of Kinta. His writing philosophy is to try extremely strange and unique ideas, yet explore them in simplistic style, in order to create a very intimate experience. His stories usually involve no more than a small handful of characters at a time, concentrating on psychology and philosophy rather than sociology, politics, and other epic concepts. He has written several short stories with science fiction or fantasy themes both with (LRD 6) and without (MiddleQuest, tentative title) anthropomorphic animals.

He is also a beginner artist who has chosen not to publicly post his work until he feels it looks right. He freely admits to being extremely ambitious interested in everything from voice acting and creating virtually anything he can, from music and videogames to entire fictional civilizations.

He has opened a personal website, the main attraction being a WIKI-like encyclopedia to explain the complexity of all his creative worlds and future endeavors. Another ambition of his is Dumao, an experimental flash animation series based on surrealistic, trippy, and uncanny thoughts of his, to debut in 2011.

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