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Charem is a Charmeleon poke-fur and artist, also a music composer, story writer, and game programmer. His main interest is with anal vore, but is known to enjoy other forms of vore as well, including soft vore and cock vore.

Charem The Charmeleon[edit]

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Charem the Iguanko (alternate form of Charem)[edit]

Charem lizard2.jpg

NAME: Charem Takari

MASTER: Guan Takari

AGE: 19 (looks seven)


SPECIES: Iguanko (thought to have saurian blood)

ETHNICITY: Indo-Japanese Char

SEXUALITY: Homosexual



HEIGHT: 3'3"

Other characters include Mizuko The Vaporeon and Beauregard the Lizardpup-

Real life details[edit]

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His given real name is Caleb Scott, born July 19th, 1988. He is currently living in Kansas City, Kansas, USA. So far he has attended one furry convention, and that was the Rocket City Furmeet in Huntsville, Alabama in 2007.

He is the head admin of the Hungry Pokemon Forums, an Internet forum built specifically for fans of pokemon and vore of different types, including discussion forums, image forums, and role play forums.

His relationship status is that of a pet, both in character and in real life. His master goes by Guan, they have known each other since 2006, and have been master and pet since late 2006/early 2007.

He is also not very shy about playing around either in real life or over the Internet, and is known to enjoy the occasional role playing through instant messengers. He is also an occasional poster to xTube since receiving the gift of a camera from IronGut.

Charem is also growing to be an avid LPer (Let's Player) on YouTube, currently on a schedule to post one new video a day, which he has been doing for over a month.

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