Chard Malamune

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Chard Malamune is a furry, currently living in Hot Springs, Arkansas, U.S.A. His fursona is a male foxtaur by the same name. He is mated, both in the real world and in roleplays, to Eebit Malamune, a hermaphroditic fruit bat. He is an active roleplayer on a few mucks.

The Human[edit]

Chard enjoys most forms of furry literature and art. He has a character on the Mucks Yimu, Tapestries, and Xpandoria.

The Character[edit]

Personal Info[edit]

Chard, the foxtaur, is age 32 (this age does not change in spite of changes in form or passage of real time), but appears to be a few years younger. Chard is generally outgoing in nature, though easily flustered. He is also a bit easily confused. He tends to be far more friendly toward people when seeing them a second time than the first meeting. He is quite strongly anti-violence, and doesn't allow anyone to smoke or drink alcohol in his home.

As far as physical appearance goes, Chard is a little bit overweight - just slightly heavy due to a relaxed lifestyle. He is five feet and eleven inches tall, not including the height of his ears, which would easily make him over six feet, as he has ears resembling those of a fennec fox. The size of his feral torso is determined by that of his anthro torso, meaning that, though large, it is not horse-sized as some other foxtaurs. Chard does not have any strange fur patterns.

Occasionally, Chard takes on a dragontaur form. The fur pattern, height, and weight are the same though, his scales the same color as his fur while in foxtaur form. His eyes, in both forms, are silver-grey in color.


Chard lives with his mate, Eebit, a female fox named Hyza and her mate Terrace, who is a male nonmorphic gryphon, a male anthropomorphic dragon by the name of Kibeth and his pet Shale (a male anthro fruit bat), and Teb, Eebit's anthro dolphin pet. The nearby forest serves to entertain the foxtaur's main hobby: photography.

History of the character[edit]

Chard was originally meant to be a temporary character, at the time his player had no set fursona (but thought himself to be a dragon). He soon chose the foxtaur as his fursona, and now plays almost exclusively as him. The original pronunciation was like 'card', but was soon made phonetic. His past was also changed a few times and became more realistic.