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Chakat Heaven is a Yahoo! community, co-created and moderated by Chakat Goldfur (real name Bernard Doove; the creator of Chakats), Chakat Firefur, and Chakat Redtail. The community was started as a small role play community in April 2001 and by September of 2007, it had reached over 1000 members[1]. This is a group for all fans of chakats, foxtaurs, wolftaurs, skunktaurs, and any other furry taur species. The purpose of the group is to share and discuss taur-related material, such as stories and art. The site is not intended to be an adults-only site. Only tasteful art submissions, nothing above an R rating, are permitted. Role-play occurs on the message boards and is also requested to be kept clean. However, links to more adult material may be posted and discussed.

  • Ran from/to: April 27, 2001 - present



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