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A Chakasa is a very chakat-like taur creature; their most evident external difference is the presence of a pair of insect-like antennae on the head. The term chakasa means savage (wild) chakat.

Chakasas live in an universe fully separated from the chakat universe, so officially they can't meet. The chakasa universe is hard-SF; this means it doesn't allow faster than light travel; Star Trek-like teleporters or force-fields; and Chakat ESP talents, mind-swaps, etc. But in the chakasa universe there are some nano-technology and submicro-robotics; AIs intelligent as people; many kind of robots; and advanced biotech such as common use of artificial bacteria, plants and biobots.

There are thousands of small differences between chakats and chakasas, but they share lot of things, including the general body shape, the hermaphrodite nature, and large parts of their nature and sociology.

Chakasas were created with genetic engineering in the 2210-2260 years (mostly by Open Source biohakers with the help of an institute) as first colonizers and terraformers. A chakasa is a sensory creature: they have many refined senses. Their body design tries to improve the chakat design or to be more scientifically-based, but in truth they are often just a little different from chakats.

The history of chakasas is younger than the chakat one. At the moment most of them (about 5000 individuals) are living free on a wild and green planet called Sava, and a few other chakasas are living free on Earth.

Chakas are the less common bipedal chakasas, their mind and most of their body design solutions are the same. All chakas live in the solar system.

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