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Chainwolf is a US fur, occasionally known as Chaos Tigerwolf. However, due to the overwhelming nature of the prefix "Chaos" in the furry fandom has recently settled on using the name Chain, remembering that this is not mainstream Science Fiction. The name "chaos" was initially given to her during her time as a young child, when her room looked like a chaotic war zone every time the parents walked in.

Chain grew up in the convention circuit, born during WesterCon 38 in 1985. Her life was centered around science fiction, conventions, and a music type known to many as filk for many years, and her introduction to furry fandom was in 2001 with Further Confusion: A Furry Odyssey. In science fiction fandom, has been a gofer at every single science fiction con attended since age 7. Since then, she has run gofers successfully for WesterCon, Further Confusion, LosCon, RainFurrest, and Consonance, though at the latter one the Roadie Runners (the musician's version of gofers) were not needed as heavily due to the light flow of the con and comparatively low attendance to the others.

Since joining the furry fandom, she has gone through three evolutions of her fursona: a grey wolf with a tail of flame, a tiger wolf (wolf-like body structure with orange & black tiger stripes) and now more recently: a silver wolf who runs around with chain on her person. The types of chain are either chain mail (currently a shirt woven by Selkit) or a smaller chain that will be referred to as the "Chain of Command."

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