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Neonus (real name: Cezary Lewkowicz) is creator and was one of the administrators of the website, until 2007.

As of 2006, he has been in furry fandom for 4 years, since he found out that he would like to be an anthropomorphic King Cheetah in real life (if it were ever possible). He is currently building a movement, which goal is to make this dream come true, through creating positive image of furries in society and making money for future scientific research fund.


Neonus was born on the 9th of November 1987 in Warsaw, Poland. As of 2006 he is studying to be a computer scientist at the Warsaw University. He claims to never swear, drink alcohol, smoke, take drugs, or yiff, and is interested in martial arts, computers, science, sci-fi movies and role-playing. While he loves all kinds of cats, he had never lived with one. On rare occasions he creates vector artwork.


Cezary's fursona is an anthropomorphic, 1.8 m tall, digitigrade King Cheetah, with long dark hair fastened in a ponytail. He is almost always dressed in black clothes, especially those inspired by The Matrix or Equilibrium, with a scythe on his back.

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