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Cetaphin is a male furry who lives in Santa Clara, California. His fursona is an anthro albino bottlenose dolphin.

Cetaphin has been a constant lurker within the furry fandom since 1995, often making token, random appearances at Further Confusion, Conifur, or local furmeets. His first convention was Conifur 2000.

Cetaphin is most often found on Tapestries MUCK, and he is dating Rachel, a local furry fan.


An engineer by trade, Cetaphin graduated from Oregon State University in 2002, with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. However, he has been disinterested in his chosen field of study for some years, and thus floats from job to job, currently working as a courier with a major overnight shipping company.


Cetaphin is an avid player and collector of airsoft (a realistic military simulation game similar to paintball) since late 2001. He is also the co-creator and Commanding Officer of Squad Redpaws, the only known furry airsoft squad in the United States.

Cetaphin is mechanically inclined, and is considered a master[citation needed], by some, in the 'art' of airsoft gunsmithing. He is currently in the process of opening an airsoft retail location in the Pacific Northwest.

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