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Cerros Darkfold, also known as Draconic Archer (born August 25, 1983),[1] is a fursuiter whose fursona is a Clydesdale horse. A MILFur, Cerros usually lives in Andover, Minnesota, USA.,[1] but has, as of March 2011, been deployed to Afghanistan for his 3rd time with the US Army's 10th Mountain Division.

Cerros constructed his own fursuit, which debuted at Anthrocon 2010.[2]


Cerros is a leatherworker, and his interests include archery, SCA Heavy Combat, Dagorhir, making armour, and metalworking.[3] He can be found on Second Life as Cerros Darkwatch.

Warhorse Workshop[edit]

Cerros operates a business named Warhorse Workshop.

He has been a dealer at Furry Fiesta 2015[4] and Midwest FurFest 2013 (as Warhorse Workshop)[5]


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