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Cero Badge by Mitsu

Originally from New York, his fursona started as a tan/brown cat, Cero, who was later replaced by a semi-generic fox, Kuper.


Cero Zephyr[edit]

Cero, in the form seen today, was conceptualized back in 2007, but did not gain a name and proper appearance until early 2008.


Cero has light brown/tan fur with a dark brown mask and striped tail. He has a short mahogany pattern on his head, which extends down his back, and a white muzzle extending down to his stomach.


Cero was built by kidtail over the course of the 2007-2008 year.[1] He debuted at FurFright 2008.

Kuper Badge by Booboobunnygirl

Kuper Fox[edit]

Kuper Fox came to life mid-2009 as a more outgoing, less complex character.


Kuper is an average red fox, with dark brown to black feet, handpaws, and ears. He has strawberry red hair, and eyes to match his teal vest.

Cons Attended[edit]


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