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An 18 year-old male wolf, Cerberus is the primary character of Not Big and Not Clever. He has an athletic but relatively thin build, mostly-typical wolf coloring of varying shades of grey accented by chestnut hair and tail. He usually wears a baggy pair of blue jeans and some form of leather band around some part of himself.

Cerberus has led an extraordinary life: He never knew his birth family. His first memories include various agencies and the occasional temporary trial home. The problem always seemed to be his extraordinary streak of bad luck and his disturbing ability to survive it. Unexplained and distinctly dangerous, this proved too much for most people to stomach and it became increasingly difficult for the placement center to offload the problematic cub.

Then one day, in a stroke of luck, a hopeful young parent arrived with the simple aim of getting a quick credit to boost her maturity level. Normally such applicants would quickly be shown the door amidst much pointing and laughing, but it occurred to the staff that this might be what they were hoping for: someone to take advantage of. So it was that Cerb came to live with Snow Rendal.

Cerb is bold, brash and determined to be the man of the house. He likes to think he’s in charge of things, although in reality he is probably the least likely to have an impact due to his overwhelming housemates. The only thing that stops his ego from swelling to planetary proportions are the crushing blows dealt by his bizarre family. Despite this, however, it is arguable that Cerb is the sanest individual in the house, often left glaring at the stupidity of the others but dragged along for the ride all the same.

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