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Ceowolf (born November 10th, 1989) is a Canadian fur who lives in Burnaby, B.C. Canada. Ceowolf is an anthro artist and a chainmail jeweler, currently going to The Art Institute of Vancouver to obtain a diploma for 3D modeling for animation and games.

Ceowolf has always been fascinated with animals since a young age, particularly growing a fond attachment to dogs over the years and developing a natural aptitude of befriending animals. He found wolves to be a misunderstood creature much like himself thus began a new chapter in his life.

It wasn't until some years later in 2006 that he discovered the fandom, though wary of getting too involved, he mostly just watched from afar. After graduating high school two years later he wanted to take his life for his own and start to shape it the way he wanted, diving into the fandom head first.

Taking the time over the years he developed his fursona Ceowolf and the inner demon Sen'Raush.

Around the time FurryMate re-launched in May 2011 he became good friends with Orbit, later becoming more than just good friends. June 2011 - March 2013.

In June of 2013, Ceowolf met Flint while attending Campfur. Shortly after, in early July, they started dating. July 2013 - Present.

Specializing in anthropomorphic and feral digital artwork and chainmail jewelry, Ceowolf has been submitting art since late 2008.




Age: 23/ Gender: Male/ Species: Wolf-Anthro / Height: 6'8


Being of human stature with the features of a wolf. Well built with black, almost tiger like, ink lines across his snow white fur, emanating from the cursed seal on his back.

As for if clothing is required, he wears casual black, baggy, cargo pants and an unbuttoned white dress shirt. Very rarely will he ever where shoes.

Due to the nature of Sen'Raush's abilities, under situations of distraught, emotions can waver, this causing some of the latent characteristics of broken seals to emerge. For example the razor sharp claws and strength. A possibility of, if he is distraught enough, the decaying abilities of Sen'Raush.



Age: Unknown/ Gender: Male/ Species: Shadow Demon / Height: on all fours 5'6"


Taking on the appearance of a feral wolf engulfed in darkness. He bears no shadow himself but where he stands the ground crawls with vines of darkness, draining the life and aging all it touches. Eyes glowing a crimson red the fur from his mane jetting backwards. Seven black claw like tendrils protruding from his shoulder blades.

Bit of back story[edit]

The ever changing seal on my back maintains its hold on a demon. Three sets of seals; two tri-seals that when combined together, through the power of Ceowolf's emotions, can maintain the power to hold the final seal. Once the final seal is broken the demon is freed from its bindings and free to act of its own will, using the wolf's body as its host.

If all the seals are in tact his fur is as white as snow and no ink marks covering his fur. The cursed seal faded beneath his fur. Eyes are crystal blue in color. On the other hand, as the seals break the ink spills out of the seal cover more of his body until he is shrouded in darkness. A darkness very few time he has come back from.

Binding seal on Ceowolf's back

If the six seals dissolve, Sen'Raush, the shadow demon, gains full possession over Ceowolf's body. His mind can only hope to not be engulfed in darkness as he takes a backseat and watches as he devours every living soul in sight.

Only someones pure intentions can reach him once this has happened, few times has he ever come back from the dark depths of his mind.

Stages of possession[edit]

0 Seals Broken: Fur white as snow and no ink marks covering his fur. The cursed seal faded beneath his fur. Eyes are crystal blue in color

1-2 Seals Broken: Seal surfaces on his back staining his fur. Minor amount of ink markings crawling across his fur, some faded in color. Eyes are still crystal blue in color. The ink pools on the seal begin to fill.

3 Seals Broken: Markings are more apparent and the ink pools on the seal are nearing full. Sen’Raush’s presence enters mind and decisions may lightly be influenced by Sen'Raush

4-5 Seals Broken: Ink wells begin to overflow covering most of his body giving him an inverted appearance, closer to a black wolf with white markings. Claws becoming sharp like the steel blade of a sword. Personality becomes more aggressive and dominant. Sen’Raush’s presence becomes quite evident. Eyes golden/amber in color.

6 Seals Broken: After the 6th seal breaks there is nothing left to power the seventh seal, it breaking and Sen’Raush gaining full possession of his body. Taking on the appearance of a feral wolf engulfed in darkness. Bearing no shadow and the ground crawling with death and decay


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