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Ceil Fox (pronounced Kyle Fox) is an engineer and fursuiter who lives in Warwickshire, England. His fursona is a blue fox with a grey tummy and muzzle, and black footpaws and eartips.

Ceil is mainly known as the head of the "Acoustic Armageddon" team who provide Sound and Lighting for numerous furry events throughout the country and have provided and run the nightclub sound equipment used by ConFuzzled since 2010.[1] He has attended ConFuzzled, Anthrocon, Eurofurence, Scotiacon and RainFurrest, Frequently attends the MidFur coffee meets as well as LondonFurs meets. He has been staff for Scotiacon,[2] and in 2011 he was asked to join the staff of ConFuzzled.

Ceil spent from 1996 until early 2011 working in the leisure and entertainment industry as an engineer and has been a regular contributor to the Festival circuit within the UK providing his expertise and his own equipment such as generators, lighting, special effects equipment, touring PA gear and Mobile Bars. In early 2011 Ceil undertook a drastic career change and is now a Naval Engineer responsible for drive systems on the Type 45 Destroyer for the Royal Navy incorporating Gas Turbine generators, 6000v DC power electronics and electric propulsion systems.


Ceil Fox obtained his fursuit from Dont Hug Cacti in 2010.[3]


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