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BabyTiger, also known as BabyTiger Armistice on Second Life (born February 6, 1982),[1] is an furry artist, fursuiter, and babyfur who resides in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.[1]

As an artist, BabyTiger usually working in the medium of acrylic on canvas, and writes poetry, short stories, and music.

Fandom involvement[edit]

BabyTiger has been a member of the furry community since 1998, and is a strong presence at Canadian conventions such at Furnal Equinox and Anthrofest. He is a security team member for Furnal Equinox and part of the FCC. Previously, he was a CEO of Anthrofest.

BabyTiger also helps organize and host local furry and babyfur gatherings. He also works and helps out with newer furs in the community, making them feel welcomed, giving them tools and resources to learn from, and lending a paw to any who need the help.


BabyTiger owns three fursuits:

BabyTiger is also a beginner fursuit maker. In addition to those mentioned above, suits that he has created include:

Convention attendance[edit]


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