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This article refers to the musical, Cats. For information about the animal, please see Cat.
A Cats-styled costume (Spaz Kitty)

Cats is the title of a musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on the poetry collection Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot, which for a time held the record for the longest running performance on Broadway (the current record-holder is another Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, The Phantom of the Opera) .

Fans of the musical overlap somewhat into the fandom, and to a relatively small extent, costumes based on or styled after those in the musical can be found at conventions, Halloween parties, and the like. Such fans, however, are somewhat ubiquitous, as there is seemingly only a slight overlap; not all furs are fans of the musical or the costumes, and not all Cats fans necessarily identify as furs.

The costumes generally attempt to mimic those present in the musical as best as possible, usually including a unitard that is hand painted using fabric paints to look like a certain character, cat ears or a modified faux fur wig, a tail made of yarn or a feather boa attached to a belt of looped yarn, knitted arm warmers or gloves, leg warmers, and additional accents on the shoulders of the unitard meant to look like fur. Cats costumers also apply detailed makeup often using similar patterns used in the musical.

The style of costume has extended to other phenotypes and does not restrict itself strictly to felines. Shadow Vixen, for instance, has styled a fox that is based more or less on the costumes (and in fact has a few more such that she has developed), and Leinir has designed a black wolf.

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