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Cathee's fursona design

Cathee, also known as Coffee Cat, 凱菲, キャシー, is a Taiwanese furry musician.

Cathee is one of allies of Ratteu, his's name is a combination of "Cat" and "Coffee".


Cathee's fursona is an gay robot cat who likes to play synthesizer. Cathee is also a synthesizer himself.

He's hyper and cheerful. The energy source is coffee bean, but he can't drink coffee.


Cathee is the member of an independent label "Coffee Furries", which is formed by Ratteu.

The music is main performed by synthesizer. The music style is energetic, rhythmical, happy, vivid, and usually on the gay mood.

His voice is silly and nerdy. The genres is set to any subgenres related to synthesizer.


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