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Formerly Catena Manor, now Catena Cafe, Catena is a weekly comic drawn by Neverwench, AKA Tracy Bailey, about a group of felines with some unusual personality quirks who live together in Catena Manor, and old mansion somewhere in southern California.

What makes Catena most unusual is its cast: Each of the characters is based on a real life cat which the author has known. Among these are cats who are now deceased, but who continue to live on in the mansion as angel-winged spirits.

[edit] Reboot

As July 2011 the comic was pulled and the author announced she was starting a new with the comic. She started she was frustrated and disatisfied with the comic in its current form.(need a footnote - Tracy states this on the comic's site at around the time of the reboot) Drawings announcing this new comic were submitted on regular bases, with no solid date announced. Presently, the reboot arrived. The comic changed from a mostly joke-a-three-framer format to a story-driven format. The focus of the story shifted to Triess, rather than all the characters by turns. Now instead of being about the lives of all the chacters living in the manour or nearby, it is primairly about Triess starting a new life in the city, and encountering the other characters for the first time.

In my opinion, both the earlier format and the reboot work well, though characterisation is not as good in the earlier version.

The previous version can be reached through the archive.

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