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Per discussion on Category talk:Atheist furs, Category talk:Religion, and elsewhere... We can leave this category as is, rename it to Category:Christian Furs (see Christian Fur), or delete it altogether. I lean towards the middle option myself, with the self-identification sort of thing that was brought up in the past at Category talk:Babyfurs. -- Sine 20:13, 8 December 2008 (UTC)

Well since you've already taken the step of deleting the atheist furs category before the discussion was even finished, I'd say the course is pretty clear. If you leave this category and delete the other it shows an obvious bias, exhibits a great example of the classic double-standard and frankly is hypocritical. In my case, I certainly am a self-identified atheist fur so if you're going to use that justification you should add the category back.
From what I could gather the final justification for removing the atheist fur category was that the list would never be complete or it didn't represent enough people. That's pretty flimsy. Are you really telling me that the Christian fur category is any more complete? There aren't more than 55 self-described Christians in the fandom? Your original justification that being an atheist wasn't furry enough doesn't hold any more water than saying being a Christian is particularly furry. Its a point of view and a belief about the nature of the universe, the afterlife, etc. I don't think one is more or less furry than the other.
In my case, I would say my atheism gives me a distinct outlook on the furry fandom in that it does separate me clearly from the lifestylers, therians and otherkin who may believe they were an animal in a past life or think they currently have the soul of an animal. I don't believe in reincarnation or a soul so that pretty much makes the furry fandom and playing my character online a pretty secular activity for me.
Its the admins' choice whether you keep both or delete both, I only ask that you don't have a double-standard on the issue.FuzzWolf 05:56, 10 December 2008 (UTC)
I've closely followed the protracted discussion here on WikiFur, and saw a lone voice for keeping the Atheist furs category.
I'm sorry you percieve a double standard. Perhaps examining the content of Christian Fur will display to you what there is documented so far about the intersection of Christian and furry, and at least some evidence of a distinct Christian Fur identity. I've done a fair bit of online searching and haven't found similar for Atheist Fur beyond the LiveJournal community we have documented here. Articles about people can certainly reference their interests and what they find intersects with their furry interests, but generalising about interests and beliefs in regards to the furry fandom as a whole, or significant number of people involved with furry, is more difficult...
Keep in mind that categories on WikiFur are not tags, and are not meant to reflect all the information in each article. There's a category structure for a reason. -- Sine 06:48, 10 December 2008 (UTC)

Propose to delete this category, work mention of people into Christian Fur article[edit]

I propose deleting this category after working mention of people -- I don't like the word notable, but I'm thinking at least those people who, say, moderate Christian Fur groups or are otherwise refered to -- into the article Christian Fur. Others' thoughts on this? Have I missed a call for keeping this category as is or renaming it, rather than deleting it? Keep in mind that deleting a category isn't deleting information, as categories should reflect the article content. Sine 02:56, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

I agree that this category should be deleted, I think I've stated my opinions pretty clearly on this. Unless you're willing to keep the atheist furs category and maybe making Muslim furs, Jewish furs, Pagan furs, etc I think it would be a double-standard to keep the Christian furs category active. Perhaps, there could be new categories for the members of those communities dedicated to these groups. For example, there is a Christian Furs LiveJournal community, how about a Christian Furs Member category. Same for members of the Atheist Furs LJ community. This information is also easily verifiable by looking at the respective profile pages for each community so you wouldn't have to rely on having a declarative statement from someone that they were an atheist, Christian, etc.--FuzzWolf 07:17, 2 January 2009 (UTC)