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This category should not be treated as a current staff list for this convention. It is likely to be incomplete and may include past staff members.

Current Wild Nights Staff and MESA Board Members Wild Nights.

MESA Board 2019[edit]

MESA President Bittergrim

MESA Vice-President Ren Lion

MESA Secretary Ilari

MESA Treasurer Webmaster Registration Coordinator Heros

=== Wild Nights Staff 2019 ===

Logistics Coordinator Hillbilly Hound

Head Chef Jamie (AKA Xibalba Leopard)/H3>

Furry Drama Show Draconis

Concessions Artists' Alley Tamara Rose

A/V Lead Shasta Security Supervisor Skylor Forscythe Security staff IzzyKat

First Aid Scotter

Crafting Coordinator Zola

Cleanup Coordinator Terrance Jones

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