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Cataroo, also known as Rachel Cawley (nee Tucker), is a former furry artist and fursuiter. She is married to fellow fur Topfox, and lives in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, USA, where she raises and showcases Great Danes.

Cataroo and Topfox were featured in the article "Creature Comforts", which ran in the October 1997 (UK edition) of Marie Claire magazine.


Cataroo would often sell her furry erotica artwork, frequently featuring realistic lupines and equines, on auction online sites such as Furbid, and produced the C-Arouse-L series of prints in the 1990s, which featured erotic poses of a wide variety of male species of animals. She was a member of Gallery and has had artwork published in YARF! and AnthropoMORPHINE.[1] She devotes her artwork exclusively to logo design, advertisement, and website artwork primarily focused on the business of dog breeding.


Cataroo was a guest of honor at Califur 0. She and John Cawley produced the souvenir programme book for ConFurence 8, and were FurDance Coordinators at ConFurence 9 and 10.


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