Castle Dark Haven

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Castle Dark Haven

Castle Dark Haven, is an old furry castle which has been around since August 2007. It was founded and operated by Growl Fardel and Nilsninian Dryke. It is located within an ancient mystical forest in Dover and offers many attractions concealed in various surprises that may also be found by curious and unsuspecting adventurers. Due to unforeseen circumstances in his busy life Growl passed ownership to Tau Insippo in April 2009, who was a chess officer. Growl still visits the the castle occassionally to chill and chat with folks.

Tau Insippo took over the ownership of the Castle in hopes of keeping it alive and to continue both Growl and Nilsninian’s concepts which were, to offer a memorial place for more than 2400 members as far as he can.

The castle has hidden trapps, a shopping center, and a dance club with DJs, occasionally contests also. The castle aslo started a chess tournament in April 2008, now it is dealed by Jiraiya Teskat across many places in Second Life.

Rated mature.

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