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Ricardo Nightwing

Cassini Brahe (born August 20, 1998) is a fursuiter who lives in Baraboo, Wisconsin, USA.[1] Along with Lucid Dreamurr, she is an operator of the Furry Ryver chat service. She runs a youtube channel under the alias Ricardo Nightwing, making videos as her winged raccoon fursona.


Cassini's main fursona is a female purple husky. Cassini was created based around a fursuit tail the owner received. She is an alien Husky that abandoned her empty home planet in search of other life forms. She made her new home on planet earth, where there were other furries to be found. Cassini's personality can be summed up as bright, friendly, optimistic, and enthusiastic.

Her other fursona is Ricardo Nightwing, a male winged raccoon. This was her first character, created in 2014 upon discovering the fandom, although she had been into anthros much earlier than that. Ricardo has no mask, unlike most other raccoon characters, and also possesses large, birdlike wings. There are three blue stripes on his back, alternating between dark and light. They form an upside down US Army Sergeant rank, reminiscent of Cassini's involvement in the JROTC program at her high school. Ricardo's personality can be summed up as serious, vengeful, introverted, and avoidant- except for on Youtube and at conventions, where he feels comfortable socializing, having found likeminded beings, he can express himself freely.

Cassini's husky fursuit is being made[when?] by Broken Circuit Studios. Her raccoon fursuit was constructed by Furday Creations and debuted at Midwest Furfest in 2016.


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