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Cassini Brahe fursuit at Furry Migration 2017.

Cassini Brahe, formerly known as Ricardo Nightwing (born August 20, 1998), is a fursuiter who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Other aliases she can be found under are procyonaves, irrelevantprose, and agoosenamedbob.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Cassini's first look into the furry fandom was in March 2014 with a significant other; they would spend time browsing Fur Affinity together after school. However Cassini did not make her own Fur Affinity account until 2015. She stayed away from it for as long as possible because of an extreme distaste for the website's interface, but eventually caved in to interact with artists.


Her first fursona was a male Golden Eagle named Sion. Sion was created in July 2014 while Cassini was browsing the web for bird fursuits, as she had always had a fascination with ornithology, and birds of prey specifically. She came across a completely black gryphon fursuit head made by Crystumes that she found completely irresistible, but as it belonged to it's respective owner it would only be the inspiration for Sion. Sion was short lived as a fursona as Cassini was envious of regular furries possessing fur. He was retired about a month later.

Her main fursona is a female purple husky. named Cassini Brahe. Cassini was created based around a fursuit tail the owner received. She was created in early 2015 during Cassini's junior year of high school when he was taking an Astronomy elective, as space is one of her major interests. Cassini is an alien Husky that abandoned her empty home planet in search of other life forms. She was driven mad from isolation and boredom, and built her own spacecraft to get away from it all. She made her new home on planet earth, where there were other furries to be found. Cassini's personality can be summed up as bright, friendly, optimistic, and enthusiastic. Her design was made to go with a galaxy aesthetic, which is enhanced on her fursuit with sparkle fur. Her fur is completely purple, with the standard white husky markings. She has blue hair with hot pink highlights, and yellow eyes. Her first name "Cassini" is taken from the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft that orbits and collects data from Cassini's favorite planet, Saturn. Her last name "Brahe" is taken from Cassini's favorite astronomer, Tycho Brahe; he mapped thousands of stars without a telescope; and Cassini gets both her last name and eye color from him.

Her most recent addition to the fursona family is Darius Wolfgang, a black, grey, and cyan wolf that loves trains. Cassini's dream job is to be a train conductor, and Darius reflects this, always wearing a conductor uniform and cap. In the furry world, Darius conducts for MonoTail, similar to the real world Amtrak service.


Cassini's husky fursuit was constructed by Onix Angel Creations. and debuted at Furry Migration 2017.

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