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Caru is a furry amateur writer who lives in Poland. His fursona is an anthro gryphon. He wrote no particular work so far, except for several minor short stories. Most of these are featured on and on his DeviantArt account. His newest project, Imperfection, is a reboot of two sci-fi stories about Cody Faulkner which were published on - one of them winning a writing competition held on the site.


Caru is a violet anthro gryphon with aquamarine eyes and average height. He does not have any specific universe bound to the character, but is usually imagined either as a modern time coffee drinking alter-ego - or some sort of fantasy-bound sellsword.

Meptep, used mostly as a roleplaying character rather than fursona, is a kobold thief with some attraction towards shiny items. He has blue scales and deep aquamarine eyes - the latter like in case the fursona.


Imperfection - a science-fiction webnovel released infrequently on Set in the future in which humanity colonized the closest star systems and developed human-animal hybrids to bypass total ban on human slavery, drug testing and inhumane experiments. Story starts with a morbid scene of funeral of a young girl from Mars, allegedely murdered by one of the hybrids. Mark Batello, a human cop from Solar System, makes a trip to Sirius System in order to claim personal revenge and solve the mystery behind such an outrageous murder. As soon as a suspect is crossed upon, the case turns out to be much more complex.

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