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Carnival, also known as Erika Vasos (born in 1986 in Tasmania, Australia), is an anthro artist.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Carnival is one of the main hosts of the Australian furry podcast ACTfur On Air and is also in charge of merchandise for the Melbourne furry convention, MiDFur.


Carnival's fursona is a half crocodile, half panther hybrid. The body is covered in brown felt-like fur, and her limbs below the elbows/knees are green lizard skin, as well as the lower part of the face and tail. Her hair is purple-ish, and her reptilian tail has purple spikes. Her usual clothing is a collar, baggy pants, and a tube-top type shirt.


She uses a variety of traditional media along with some CG. She joined the online gallery deviantART in 2002.

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