Caribbean Blue

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Caribbean Blue
Author(s) Nekonny, Mihari
Status Completed
Launch date January 1, 2005
End date November 9, 2014
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
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Caribbean Blue is an action/adventure/comedy/drama webcomic drawn and written by Nekonny. Mihari joined as co-writer later in the series. Caribbean Blue is the first main Katbox comic to be completed and have volumes sold online. Rogerio Hanata drew Page 53 through Page 73. Elisa Kwon drew Page 106 through Page 110. Stephane G. drew Page 150 through Page 161. Elisa Kwon drew Page 185 through Page 187.

Previously hosted by The Katbox, it is now part of the Kemono Café webcomic community.[1]


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

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Volume 1 (Page 1 through Page 100)[edit]

Maya, a local nekomimi, looks out into the ocean from atop a lighthouse and senses evil approaching Caribbean Blue. While flying on a sea plane to Caribbean Blue, Nekonny, a talking cat, monologues to himself on how fortunate it was for him to find cheap tickets for his vacation with Tina and Yuki, a tiger and domestic nekomimi respectively. Once they land, Tina goes off to bask in Caribbean Blue’s beauty, leaving Nekonny and Yuki to carry the bags. At the terminal, Alice, Caribbean Blue’s sole security officer, becomes astatic upon seeing Tina. Tina and Yuki are rather confused as to why everyone is staring at them and calling them Nekocat. Yuki scolds Tina for punching a random person that tried to jump Tina despite the fact that she acted in self-defense. After regaining his composure, the random person introduces himself as Taco Paco, Caribbean Blue’s governor. Assuring Yuki and Tina that they would not be sent to prison for punching him, Governor Paco explains the story behind the Nekocat.

According to legend, a mysterious enemy attacked Caribbean Blue. Many brave warriors fought the evil but none prevailed. Fearing for their lives, the remaining citizens escaped into a cave. In the darkest hour, a lone feline-like woman emerged and defeated the enemy with a weapon of great power. The citizens dubbed this warrior the Nekocat. Before vanishing, the Nekocat told the citizens that she would return whenever the evil threatens this island.

Believing that the legend is nothing more than a fairy tale, Governor Paco is quite delighted that Tina and Yuki came to Caribbean Blue since the other islands are afraid that the evil is coming back. Before departing to spread the news, Governor Paco tells Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki that there is another Nekocat on the island. Nekonny and Yuki dismiss Governor Paco’s hint as nothing more than a means to attract tourist, but Tina doesn’t think so after seeing the Nekocat statue holding a hammer in the middle of a fountain. Excited, Tina proclaims that she is the Nekocat that will protect the island from evil to Nekonny and Yuki’s dismay. While heading off, Maya spies on them from atop the terminal building.

With luggage in hand, Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki walk along a stone path to find the hotel. Along the way, Tina makes a ton of plans on what she would like to do here and eat. Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki finally reach Coral Inn. Upon entering, Rose, the Coral Inn’s manager, greets them and offers them lunch. During lunch, Yuki inquires if Rose knows about this other Nekocat. To their surprise, Rose introduces Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki to Maya, a nekomimi who just so happens to work for Rose. Choking on her food upon seeing Maya, Maya punches Tina in the stomach, clearing Tina’s throat. After several typical conversation pieces, Nekonny finally interrupts and asks Maya about her heritage. Sadly, Maya can’t remember anything about her past; however, Rose can recall every detail of when she found her.

Ten years ago, Rose was out for a walk with her pet cat Maya. After reaching the top of the summit, Rose took a rest while Maya played with nature. Suddenly, a storm came in, causing Rose and Maya to take shelter in a nearby cave. Fearing lightning, Maya ran away with Rose chasing after her. Maya came across the lighthouse and noticed that the door was open and the lights on, which was rather strange since the building had been closed for years now. Believing that others took shelter in the lighthouse, Rose went inside the lighthouse in the hopes of finding Maya. Instead of finding her cat Maya, Rose found the nekomimi Maya, named after Rose’s lost cat. After searching for weeks, Rose gave up on finding her. Rose has always wondered if Maya was in fact the fabled Nekocat; however, the legend states that the Nekocat would return in times of evil. There has been no such signs during those 10 years.

Amazed with the tale, Nekonny asks Rose if they could see the lighthouse. Angered with Tina proclaiming to be the Nekocat, Maya agrees to show Nekonny and the others to Cat’s Trail before heading over to the market. In the middle of town, Maya, Tina, and Yuki ponder about some ice cream while Nekonny notices a cat spying on them. Nekonny tries to tell Tina but is discredited whenever the cat disappears. Maya gives Yuki the directions. Dealing with Tina’s whining, Nekonny reveals the obvious connection between the two Mayas and suspects that something in the lighthouse caused the transformation. Nekonny wants to use this transformation to revert himself back to his human form and kicks Tina for calling him her pet. Realizing this will take some additional time to find the source of this transformation and to research the Nekocat, Yuki insist that they’ll need to find a way to extend their vacation.

Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki finally reach the lighthouse. After scolding Nekonny for tricking her with tales of ice cream, Tina discovers a cave. Tina and Yuki volunteer Nekonny to go in first. Nekonny discovers inscriptions on the cave walls that match the ones found in the terminal with the exception of an extra line about the Nekocat handing off her hammer to the natives and a sphere. While finding some additional clues, a spider drops down from below and scares Tina and Yuki. Yuki proclaims that there is obviously nothing else in the cave and moves onto the lighthouse. Afraid of spiders, Tina and Yuki toss Nekonny into the lighthouse. Once the coast is clear, Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki explore all the floors before heading to the very top and gazing at the majestic view. With nowhere else to explore, Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki race back down to town and pick up some ice cream before heading to Coral Inn.

Tina asks Rose if they could extend their stay at the inn in exchange to helping around the house. Rose initially accepts; however, Maya adamantly refuses because Coral Inn is hitting on hard times and believes Tina is a freeloader. Rose scolds Maya for her outburst and accepts Tina’s offer. After Maya excuses herself, Rose tells Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki about Maya’s territorial personality and how everyone expects her to become the legendary Nekocat, making it harder for her to fit in with everyone else.

Tina and Yuki chase Nekonny out of their room after they found him under a box with a camera taking pictures of them changing their clothes. Tina kicks a fleeing Nekonny into Maya’s chest. Enrage, Tina demands that Maya hands Nekonny over. Before complying, Maya rubs herself all over Nekonny’s body and licks his head. Upset that Maya’s scent is all over Nekonny, Tina leaves. Once he recovers from his knockout, Nekonny and Maya apologize to one another. Maya tells Nekonny that people were initially afraid of her since her appearance meant that evil was coming, causing Rose to lose her governorship to Taco Paco for defending Maya. Rose and Maya went into the hotel business to make a living. With her story over, Maya questions Nekonny as to why he’s so interested in the Nekocat legend. Nekonny presents Maya with a photograph of him in his human form standing next to Tina and Yuki. Nekonny hopes that the legends are in fact true so that he can return to his human form. Maya, on the other hand and thanks to the islanders and legend, wishes to be a plain cat to avoid hurting Rose and finally having some peace. Exhausted, Maya brings Nekonny into her room and offers him her old cat bed. Nekonny doesn’t initially accept the offer at first but is more than willing after Maya suggest that he heads back upstairs to Tina’s room.

Yuki dreams about being stuck on a deserted island with a Cast Away Wilson Volleyball.

The next morning at 6:00 am, Maya comes charging into Tina and Yuki’s room with Nekonny in hand and yells at them to wake up. Outside, Maya tells Tina and Yuki that Nekonny slept in her bed last night, causing an outrage since they both assumed that Maya slept with Nekonny in the same bed. Maya corrects Tina and Yuki on the matter after she is thrown into a wedding dress. Rose explains to Maya, Tina, and Yuki that they will need to work together to repair, clean, and stock the six bungalows for the Sunset Queen’s arrival and convince as many passengers to stay there as possible. Nekonny offers to assist Rose in advertising the event and to head to town with her while Maya, Tina, and Yuki stay behind to work on the bungalows.

In town, Rose asks Nekonny to wait for her on the pier while she goes inside Tony’s shop to pick up her supplies. Looking out onto the ocean, Nekonny realizes that Tina is too distracted with her competition with Maya and Yuki is set that there is some sort of key to unlocking the Nekocat state. Kimi suddenly appears and confronts Nekonny, questioning him as to why he hasn’t introduced himself to the other cats on the island. After vaguely explaining to her what he’s doing here on Caribbean Blue, Kimi offers to take Nekonny around town, which he inadvertently interprets to mean something else entirely, and to introduce him to Mika, Muna, and Yani. Kimi explains that Yani is the only one with an owner while she, Mika, and Muna manage to live on their own with plenty of food opportunities through local residence and tourists.

Kimi takes Nekonny to the old church building, climbing up a nearby palm tree to reach her home. Unfamiliar with his climbing abilities, Nekonny struggles in tackling this task. Removing one of the roof tiles, Kimi brings Nekonny into her home where Mika and Muna are more than happy to accommodate him, playfully teasing Kimi about selecting a suitable mate. Kimi pours water on Nekonny to revive him. Awake, Nekonny notices a sphere hanging in the ceiling. Unfamiliar with the full story herself, Kimi explains that her parents told her it had something to do with a heroic feline. Realizing that this is the key to unlocking the Nekocat, Nekonny runs off to tell Yuki right after kissing Kimi on the cheek.

Back at Coral Inn, Maya and Tina re in a race to complete their respective bungalow while Yuki sits back and watches. Upon his arrival, Nekonny tells Yuki about the sphere he found at the church. Rose is utterly shock that Nekonny found the legendary Nekobell, an ancient artifact that the Nekocat left behind as a means of summoning her if the need arose. Before everyone could head to the church to retrieve the Nekobell, the Sunset Queen arrives at the docks. Nekonny announces his advertising plan to run a theme hotel using the Maya, Tina, and Yuki as the legendary Nekocats. For the outfit, Nekonny suggests grass skirts and coconut bikinis, which all the women adamantly refuse. The women opt for a pirate theme instead. Tina seriously asks Nekonny for a kitten from his first litter with Kimi, who she suspects Nekonny cares for very much despite his protests. Nekonny doesn’t help his situation whenever he confesses that he kissed Kimi.

In town, Yuki assures Nekonny that they’ll get the bell after they’re done advertising for Coral Inn. Governor Paco arrives at the scene, infuriating Maya to her wit’s end. Governor Paco insinuates that Maya be on her best behavior unless she wants him to reclaim the Coral Inn for back taxes and leasing it to a real hotel chain or a golf course. Before Alice could snap and tear Governor Paco apart, Alice arrives and breaks up the fight. Saddened that another burden has been placed on her shoulders, Maya informs the others that Governor Paco made every one of her and kicked Rose out of office. Determined not to fail Rose, Maya successfully greets several tourists. Tina does her best at advertising the hotel but ends up terrifying the guests instead. Yuki showcases her cuteness to win over some customers. Upset, Tina drags Nekonny to her side.

On a poorly crafted stage, Nekonny interrupts the advertising to present the Nekocat Bikini Conteset, featuring Tina in her signature bikini. Furious about the bad press, Maya yells at Tina at the expense of entering the contest herself. Rather than admit failure, Maya showcases her bikini. While Maya and Tina continue their competition, Yuki receives a phone call. As a means of ending the contest, Yuki takes Nekonny’s tuxedo and proceeds to announce the winner; however, Tina and Maya forfeit upon learning that the grand prize is a romantic dinner with Governor Paco.

With the contest over and disappointed that they didn’t get a single reservation, May, Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki head back to the hotel on Governor Paco’s personal golf cart.

Volume 2 (Page 101 through Page 207)[edit]

Maya, Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki see a horde of Snowmen swarming around Coral Inn demanding reservations. Delighted, Rose asks Maya to take Tina and Yuki to her room and present them with their maid uniforms, which she does after throwing Nekonny out for trying to snap a photography of them. Maya, Tina, and Yuki diligently perform their chores before passing out from exhaustion in bed. Nekonny becomes sad whenever Maya, Tina and Yuki refuse to help Nekonny now that it’s nighttime, going so far as to insult them all before angrily leaving.

Kimi dreams of Nekonny returning home with food for her, his mate, and their kittens. Initially shocked with this, Kimi feels a sense of happiness and peace. Sadly, the Nekocat ruins Kimi’s dream, picking up Nekonny and reminding Kimi of her destiny before dropping him into the abyss. Kimi wakes up to Mika and Muna teasing her about Nekonny. Furious, Kimi shouts at Mika and Muna before heading off to check on Nekonny.

Nekonny walks along a stone path, contemplating how long it has been since he transformed and whether it is worth returning to his human form. Kimi, relieved to see Nekonny, interrupts his thoughts and offers to take him on a walk on the town. While walking, Kimi asks Nekonny what it is like to be human due to a combination of a recent dream and the fantasy that humans have it better since she simply lives off their scraps. Nekonny states that human seem to live in a state of stress. Kimi then inquires if Nekonny wants to have some fun and takes him to three Snowmen playing musical instruments. The one musical Snowman implies that Kimi, his muse, has finally caught herself a mate, infuriating Kimi. As a form of reconciliation, the Snowman offers to play her a song. Nekonny watches Kimi dance to the music on her hind legs. Nekonny doesn’t realize that he too is dancing and joins Kimi.

After their dance, Kimi invites Nekonny to her home since Mika and Muna should be out raiding Tony’s place. Once inside, Kimi slams the exit shut and confronts Nekonny about his scent, mannerisms, and Tina and Yuki’s human and cat features. Nekonny starts to reveal the secret of the bell and how it connects to the Nekocat legend. Kimi mistakes Nekonny’s confession as being the heroic feline. Recovering from that initial stumble, Nekonny finally reaches the bell only to be disappointed that nothing has happened. The Nekobell suddenly radiates a glowing and greenish light that causes Nekonny to freeze. The ropes supporting the Nekobell suddenly crashes through the floor and knocking Kimi back towards the wall.

Back at the Coral Inn, Maya punches the wall upon hearing loud sound. Once she calms down, Maya realizes that she is now a cat. Awake herself, Tina comes barging into Maya’s room to witness Maya returning to her nekomimi form. Meanwhile a mysterious entity from under the ocean appears intrigued with these developments and sends an avatar to scout out Caribbean Blue.

Inside the Nekobell in some sort of subconscious dream-like state, four past Nekocat Guardians welcome Nekonny, believing him to be the next Nekocat, and transform him into a nekomimi. Upon realizing that the hammer is missing, the Nekocat Guardians realize that events have been set into motion that will unleash a terrible darkness and that there is no hope for his survival without it. The Nekocat Guardians return Nekonny back to his cat form.

Back to reality, Alice and the other Snowmen retrieve Nekonny from the church rebel and notice that he is wearing the Nekobell. Kimi runs off.

Hearing a warning from the Nekocat Guardians about finding the hammer before it is too late, Nekonny wakes up back at the Coral Inn in Maya’s cat bed. Rose greets and tries to calm Nekonny down as his memories about that night return to him about the bell falling down and possibly hurting Kimi. Upon hearing that he killed her, Kimi reveals to Nekonny that she is perfectly fine and that she followed Alice back to the Coral Inn and sneaked in and sleep in Maya’s cat bed with Nekonny. Kimi notices the Nekobell around Nekonny’s neck. Surprised that he is still a cat, Nekonny toys with the bell while Kimi decides to head back to check on Mika

Nekonny heads out to the beach to catch up with Maya, Tina, and Yuki enjoying a day on the beach. Tina inquires about Nekonny’s date and kids before squirting him in the face with a super soaker. After Nekonny explains what happened to him last night, Tina eggs Maya into revealing that she became an actual cat yesterday before reverting back into her nekomimi form, proving that she is in fact Rose’s pet cat. While the others are excited with this revelation, Maya realizes that her nekomimi form isn’t permanent and that she could revert back into an actual cat if another cat takes the nekomimi form, causing her to give Nekonny the stink eye. Before the situation could escalate further, Alice arrives to tell the group that she must arrest Nekonny for destruction of public property. Alice attempted to convince Governor Paco that arresting a cat would be absurd, which made it worse as he now wants to neuter all the cats on Caribbean Blue. Alice finally negotiated a deal in which Nekonny would go to jail for a little bit while the Nekocats perform some community service.

With Nekonny heading to prison, Maya, Tina, and Yuki consider exploring Alice’s other lead on the Nekocat legend in the middle of the ocean. Maya asks the Snowman in charge of the Jet Ski stand if she could borrow three Jet Skis. The Snowman reconsiders once Tina offers their advertising services. The Snowman agrees to lend them the Jet Skis if they compete in a Jet Ski race using the customizable Jet Skis modeled after their bikinis. Despite Tina’s cheating and Maya’s overconfidence, Yuki wins the race thanks to the Snowman’s surprised ramp.

At Fort Royal prison, Nekonny decides to sneak out of the bars to go to the restroom only to have Yani stop his progress. Yani shows no compassion towards Nekonny for his willful destruction of public property, escaping his prison cell, and wearing the stolen Nekobell as a trophy. Yani reveals that Nekonny’s spirit is human, not cat.

With Jet Skis and scuba gear in hand, Maya, Tina, and Yuki head off to explore the sea. Tina tries her best to eat a fish but is unable to do so due to the scuba mask. While Maya and Yuki try their best to find their location, Maya discovers that Tina is sitting on the German U-One Sixty Two. Maya, Tina, and Yuki enter the war tomb and explore the insides for any clues. Terrified of a sea snake, Tina accidentally hit a lever that creaked one of the doors open. After applying some additional force, Maya manages to snap the door open to reveal the Ahnenerbe Emblem, historical artifacts that the German Research Division acquired that may hold the key to understanding the Nekobell. With the artifacts in hand, Maya tied them up and used floaters to raise them to the top. The sea snake inadvertently rests on a leaver and fires a missile, which starts to sink down to the ocean floor and explodes on contact.

Returning to the surface, Maya blames Tina for almost destroying the tablets. Before Tina could angrily storm off after Yuki took Maya sides, Maya senses an evil presence. Maya witness the Avatar attacking Alice.

Back at Fort Royal, Yani reveals that he can sense Nekonny’s humanity. Mika and Muna interrupt their conversation and employ their feminine wiles to knock him out. Before Mika and Muna could have their ways with Nekonny, Kimi comes dashing in and tells Nekonny to follow her. Kimi begs Nekonny to use his new Nekocat powers to save everyone. Nekonny and Kimi run into Alice, who orders them to head to Rose while she holds off the Avatar. Sadly, the Avater knocks Alice out quickly and intercepts Nekonny and Kimi. Kimi tries to buy Nekonny some additional time to head to Rose; however, upon seeing the Avatar smack Kimi in the face, Nekonny transforms into the Nekocat and uppercuts the avatar. With his new found powers, Nekonny fights the Avatar but becomes distracted upon seeing Tina and Yuki passed out near the fountain. With Kimi awake, Nekonny tosses the Nekobell to her and tells her to run to the Coral Inn and find Rose while he holds off the Avatar. The Avatar manages to knock Nekonny back with his feet, causing him to transform into a cat once again. Kimi manages to catch Nekonny in Nekocat form. Realizing her destiny, Kimi fights the avatar with her new found martial arts skills and the statues hammer. Unable to defeat Kimi directly, the Avatar takes Nekonny hostage just as Kimi leaps forward with her hammer.

In a subconscious dream state, Nekonny relives his past in the moments before Tina accidentally transformed Nekonny into a cat. Tired of chasing after false hopes, Nekonny decides to give up on becoming a human. Nekonny thinks of Kimi and how she made him feel normal again.

Nekonny finally wakes up in Maya’s cat bed to the sight of Kimi in nekomimi form. In an effort to calm Nekonny down, Kimi explains that she defeated the monster and brought everyone back here. Rose focused on the others while Kimi watched over Nekonny. Kimi feels rather strange in nekomimi form since everything looks so smaller though, especially Nekonny. After Nekonny regains his composure from being picked up so quickly, Kimi admits the can’t get use to the clothing and starts to take it off. Tina and Yuki throw a pillow to stop her from stripping down in front of Nekonny and blame him for taking advantage of Kimi’s innocence. Tina and Yuki reveal that Maya has in fact transformed back into a cat, that they have spent most of yesterday looking for her, that Nekonny has been out for three days. The group suspects that Maya is trying to find a way to change herself back. Nekonny, believing that the hammer would solve all their problems, is shocked to learn that Kimi broke it during her battle with the monster. After learning that the hammer was nothing more than part of the statute in the fountain, Nekonny is set on finding Maya, the Nekobell and a way to fix everything.

Nekonny and Kimi head out to find Mika and Muna. Kimi is having a rather difficult time tracking anyone down with her human nose and that she hasn’t been able to get close to anyone since she became a nekomimi. Kimi plans to use Nekonny to bait Mika and Muna out. While Nekonny reluctantly agrees to the plan and walks around the fountain, Kimi smells fish and starts begging a Snowman for some. Nekonny starts to check the alley and encounters Mika and Muna popping out of a random basket. Before Mika and Muna could “settle” Nekonny’s debt for breaking him out of Fort Royal, Kimi snatches them both up by the neck. After a brief explanation of what happened to her, Kimi asks if Mika and Muna knew anything about Maya. Mika and Muna initially refuse to help Kimi for not keeping her end of the deal; however, both change their mind after Kimi threatens to take them both to Tony’s and reveal who has been stealing his fish. Muna mentions that there has been a new scent coming from Fort Royal.

Inside Fort Royal, Alice, now wearing an eye patch over her right eye, tries her best to translate the tablet that Maya, Tina, and Yuki retrieved; however, her ancient Norsk is rusty and pieces of the tablets are missing. Upon hearing a noise, Maya hides behind the filing cabinets. Kimi walks in to say hi only to have Alice point a gun at her in fear. Alice reveals that the tablets foretell of a greater threat approaching the island. Before pleasantries could be exchanged about Nekonny’s recover, he sees Maya dashing out of the office. Nekonny chases after Maya, insisting that she needs to return the Nekobell. Seeing her so furious, Nekonny starts talking with Maya and learns that is completely terrified of being stuck as a cat and someone’s pet. Realizing that Nekonny can relate to her situation, Maya starts to calm down. Not used to her human features yet, Maya finally reaches the top of the steps and falls down from exhaustion.

Tired, Kimi suggest they head back to Coral Inn and grabs hold of Maya. Enraged like being treated like a cat, Maya argues with Kimi only to have her scold Maya for acting like a child. Nekonny notices Maya being all quite like and inquires about it. Kimi says that she’ll explain it more at Coral Inn. Upon reaching Coral Inn, Kimi faints from exhaustion. Kimi is brought inside and placed on a bed. Rose explains that Kimi simply passed out from mere exhaustion, hinting that Kimi spent most of her time looking for Maya, looking over Nekonny, and finding something else. Nekonny interprets that last part to mean Mika and Muna, but Maya doesn’t believe so. Alice arrives at Coral Inn just as a small portion of the Avatar slithers away and returns to a dark presence under the ocean.

Volume 3 (Page 208 through Page 326)[edit]

Arriving at Coral Inn, Alice provides a brief history lesson on Hrolf. In his prime, Hrolf was a revered Viking leader that controlled the power of Mjollnir and bested the mighty sea beast, Jormungand. Sadly, as a mortal, Hrolf couldn’t control the power forever and thus crafted a bell, the Nekobell, to bind Jormungand and sent it far into the west. After the story ends, the group determines that Caribbean Blue and Nekocat essentially serve as a jail and warden for Jormungand. Rose provides an additional lead with research that she conducted on the Nekocat after finding Maya; however, said research is locked away in the archives. Nekonny proposes that Tina distracts Governor Paco since he may have the hots for her. The plan is further solidified thanks to Governor Paco calling a mandatory meeting for all except for domestic cats such as Nekonny and Maya. Alice leaves to go set up for the meeting. Mika and Mua watch everything that transpired from a roof beam.

The next day, Nekonny and Maya proceed with their plan to infiltrate Governor Paco’s office during the meeting while Tina distracts Governor Paco with her feminine wiles. Nekonny initially brushes Mika and Muna’s advances but has a quick change of heart upon learning that they’re here to help. While climbing up a palm tree to reach an air vent, Muna mistakes Maya as Nekonny’s new girlfriend, causing him to lose focus and fall to the ground. Luckily, Nekonny lands on his feet. Once inside, Nekonny and Maya start looking for Rose’s old papers while Mika and Muna complain about their plan to have Nekonny all to themselves failed. Mika also mentions about the recent events and Yani spewing the Nekocat legends. Both Mika and Muna don’t believe in the Nekocat legends and would willingly sacrifice their guardian duties for Nekonny. Enraged with Mika and Muna’s behavior, Maya furiously jumps off the top of the bookshelves, inadvertently revealing Rose’s research. After the meeting ends, Tina attempts to distract Governor Paco; however, he doesn’t appear interested in her at all. With no other options, Tina kisses Governor Paco. Once Nekonny is outside, he gives the signal for Yuki and Tina to head back to Coral Inn.

Back at Coral Inn, Nekonny tries to congratulate everyone but is distracted with Kimi’s nude appearance in the room. Yuki and Rose quickly take Kimi back upstairs to get her some clothes while Nekonny shows Alice, whose right eye is now better, Rose’s research. Once fully dress, Kimi and Nekonny head out on a date curtesy of Yuki. After a brief pause outside, Kimi’s stomach starts to growl with hunger. Kimi finds a note in her dress pocket from Yuki telling Nekonny to get Kimi a swimsuit. While walking towards town, Maya appears, furious at Kimi for stealing her dress, her family, her destiny, and Nekonny. After a quick snack, Kimi heads inside the surf shop and tries on several swimsuits before purchasing one. While walking to their next stop, Yani appears to congratulate Kimi for being the Nekocat and scolds Nekonny. To cheer her up, Nekonny offers Kimi chocolate. Hungry, Kimi and Nekonny head off to a restaurant that doesn’t allow pets. The Pringles server denies Nekonny entry into their establishment due to house rules but manages to get in after Nekonny demands to speak to the manager. Maya tries to enter too but is chased away as she can’t speak.

Back at Coral Inn, Tina walks over to her bed as she inquires to Yuki about Nekonny’s whereabouts. Tina appears rather down upon hearing that Nekonny is out on a date because she’s afraid that he may leave her and take away her pet ownership. Admitting that she doesn’t wish to date him, Tina is determined not to lose Nekonny as a pet, snapping Yuki’s tail with determination.

Back on the date, the musician Snowmen grab Nekonny away from Kimi and scold him for supposedly cheating on her. The musician Snowmen eventually realize that Nekonny is in fact with Kimi. Nekonny and Kimi head off to the beach. Upon arriving there, Kimi takes off all her clothes instead of just the dress. Once settled, Nekonny tries to confess his love for Kimi but is too distracted with what he truly wants anymore in regards to his human self and his cat self. Kimi doesn’t believe that it should really matter unless it involves children. Hearing the musician Snowman play music as a way for them to apologize for earlier, Kimi starts to dance. Confident, Nekonny finally confesses his love for Kimi just as Maya arrives at the beach. Maya runs away as Kimi and Nekonny finally kiss.

Believing that she is alone, Maya starts to cry until Jormungand talks to her. Jormungand offers to restore things the way they were in exchange for the Nekobell, which Maya desperately agrees too. While Kimi and Nekonny greet the others, Maya sneaks in to grab the Nekobell and slips back out. Once at the beach, Maya returns to her Nekomimi form, causing Kimi to revert back into a cat. After some convincing to let him go, Nekonny and Kimi head upstairs to find the Nekobell only to catch Maya’s scent. Nekonny and Kimi head off to the beach just as Maya tosses the Nekobell into the ocean. Furious at Kimi, Maya turns her attention to Kimi, ignoring Nekonny who manages to retrieve the Nekobell and transform into the Nekocat. Nekonny slaps Maya, causing her to return to her cat state and breaking her spirit.

Returning back to Coral Inn, Nekonny is greeted to Rose complimenting him on his Nekocat form, Tina preferring him in his cat form, and Yuki gushing over his new looks. Kimi bites Yuki’s tail in retaliation. Everyone decides to head off to bed. Nekonny and Kimi sleep in the same bed.

The next morning, Tina and Yuki meet up with Alice while Nekonny comes out wearing Kimi’s blue shirt and white pants. After a bit of discussion, Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki set on returning back to the cave next to the lighthouse with Kimi to find the hammer. After a scary encounter with a small spider, Kimi unlocks a hidden stairway. As they climb down, the group notices more and more hieroglyphics that eventually transform into readable text. Near the end of the hallway, the group meets Kia, the ghost of the last Nekocat. Through hilarious encounters with each one, Kia determines that Kimi is the next Nekocat and takes her and the others to another alter where a spherical light sets upon a stand. Kia explains that she waits for the next Nekocat to arrive to explain everything, that this place houses the stories of the past generations, and that this light is the weapon in and of itself that can transform to whatever it needs to be. Alice interrupts their conversation about a creating being spotted offshore through the light that now serves as a radio. Unable to talk back to her, Nekonny heads outside while Kia tosses Kimi into the light to transform her into the Nekocat. Discussion on Kimi’s transformation reveals that Kimi will become part of the light source after she dies.

Nekonny finally reaches the cave’s entrance to witness Jormungand emerging from the sea. Nekonny manages to contact Alice over the radio, who manages to calm the Snowmen down. Alice enlist the three musician Snowmen in operating the island’s weapon defense. Sadly, the weapon has no effect against Jormungand, who retaliates with a fireball. Nekonny arrives just in time to fill Alice in on their discoveries in the cave only to be utterly disappointed that he brought nothing back.

Back at the cave, Kimi transforms Tina, Yuki, and herself into cat versions of themselves in order to quickly reach the town and avoid having to take the water slide. Alice and Nekonny continue to evacuate everyone into Fort Royal. While looking for any remaining stragglers, Tina in tiger form pounces Nekonny. With the arrival of Mika and Muna, Kimi transforms everyone into Nekocats and provides them with an array of weapons to combat the approaching Sussies. To motivate everyone into fighting Jormungand, Kimi kisses Nekonny and drags him into battle. With hundreds of Sussies swarming the town, Kimi decides to break everyone into groups of twos and use the town entrance as a bottleneck. Mika and Muna complain about their new bodies and how they intend to collect on Kimi’s debt. Tina talks to Yuki about a celebratory buffet after this battle. Before a random Sussie could surprise attack Yuki, Alice manages to save her with a bazooka. Regaining her composure from the surprise rescue, Yuki rallies Mika, Muna, and Tina to aid Kimi and Nekonny since they’re the real targets. Outnumbered, Kimi orders everyone to the town square and yells at Muna for constantly bugging her. Realizing that the massive Jormungand has disappeared, Kimi unleashes a lightening burst from her hammer, killing all the remaining Sussies and draining her energy. Kimi’s victory is short lived whenever Jormungand finally reveals itself. Nekonny attacks Jormungand only to have it fail and provide an opening for Jormungand to launch Nekonny into a building. With Nekonny severely hurt, the Nekobell returns to Kimi. Furious and taking Jormungand up on his one free hit offer, Kimi dawns the Nekobell and absorbs all the energy from Tina, Muna, Mika, and Yuki to transform her into a stronger Nekocat with new white armor and a larger hammer. With all her might, Kimi launches Jormungand out of the town and into the lighthouse, causing the creature to dissipate like all the other Sussies. Once the battle is over, Kimi falls to the ground and returns to her cat form.

The next day, Nekonny is on the pier looking out thinking about everything that has happened. Yuki found him in the rubble with minor injuries. Rose and the other Snowmen are hard at work rebuilding the town. Kimi sadly died in the battle. Tina left him alone with the Nekobell. The Nekocat Guardians emerge from the Nekobell to thank Nekonny for everything; however, he doesn’t wish to hear it as he believes that he did nothing to deserve it. Kimi, now a ghost, thanks him nonetheless. The Nekocat Guardians offer to restore Nekonny to his Nekocat form; however, he refuses and tells them to restore Maya. The Nekocat Guardians do so at the loss of the Nekobell. Nekonny learns that the Nekobell bound Jormungand to the island and that it could have been set free if it ever obtained the Nekobell. The other Nekocat Guardians are impressed with the fact that Kimi managed to completely destroy Jormungand. Nekonny yells and starts to cry for losing Kimi. For Kimi’s sacrifice, the Nekocat Guardians agree to sacrifice their own existence to bring Kimi back to life. Maya arrives to thank Kimi and Nekonny for returning her to her Nekocat state. Mika and Muna come down and reunite with Kimi. Kimi tries to explain that Maya can now understand Mika and Muna thanks to their combined exposure with the Nekobell but is interrupted when Mika and Muna demand payment, specifically a kiss from Nekonny, for all their hard work. Nekonny agrees and kisses Mika and Muna. Mika and Muna kiss him for interest. Tina and Yuki arrive to welcome Kimi back and to take her and Nekonny home. Maya, Mika, and Muna say their goodbyes to Kimi, Nekonny, Tina and Yuki before their flight home.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Starting from the upper left image, Maya (cat), Maya (nekomimi), Nekonny (cat), Nekonny (nekomimi), Tina (cat), Tina (nekomimi), Yuki (cat), Yuki(nekomimi), Snowmen, and Alice.
Starting from the upper left image, Taco Paco, Neckocat, Nekocat Guardians, Rose, N-Chan, Kimi (cat), Kimi (nekomimi), Mika (cat), and Mika (nekomimi).
Starting from the upper left image, Muna (cat), Muna (nekomimi), Yani, Sussie, Kia, and Jormungand.


Maya is Carribbean Blue’s local nekomimi that works as a maid for Rose at Coral Inn. Aggressive and territorial, Maya spies on Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki when they first arrive at Caribbean Blue. Maya does everything in her powers to force Tina and Yuki to leave, especially Tina for her bragging about being the legendary Nekocat. Maya blames most of her own mishaps on Tina’s antics. Maya is dedicated and loyal to Rose after she found her one stormy night curled up after she ran inside to find her missing cat. Since Rose couldn’t find her cat, she gave Maya her cat’s name. The Snowmen were frightened of her because she was believed to be a bad sign thanks to the Nekocat legends, which Governor Paco used to oust Rose from public office. Maya only wishes to live a normal life despite everyone expecting her to live up to the legend. Maya does learn that she is in fact Rose’s cat and becomes rather frantic at staying a cat forever, going so far as to steal the Nekobell to return everything back to normal. Thanks to Kimi and Nekonny’s wish, Maya permanently becomes a Nekomimi. Maya’s bikini style is white with a small cat head logo.


Nekonny is an English speaking cat that accompanies Tina and Yuki to Caribbean Blue. Nekonny was once human; however, an unfortunate accident involving Tina causes him to transform into a cat. Through online research, Nekonny discovers a lead on transforming back into a human. Nekonny is rather aggressive when finding any leads on becoming a human and tends to blame Tina for transforming him into a cat and treating him like a pet. Through his experience with Maya and Kimi, Nekonny begins to question whether he truly wants to become human. Nekonny loves Kimi. During the fight, Nekonny wields a staff as a weapon. Nekonny ultimately forgo’s the Nekocat Guardian’s gift to permanently change him into a nekomimi and returns home with Kimi. Nekonny is also seen in Tina OnLine.


Tina is a tiger nekomimi that accompanies Nekonny and Yuki to Caribbean Blue. Tina accidentally transforms Nekonny into a cat. Childishly naïve, Tina tends to get the group into trouble, from punching Governor Paco in the face to showboating about being the legendary Nekocat to even destroying some of the tablets. Unlike Yuki, Tina tends to treat Nekonny more as a pet than a human. The group uses Tina as a distraction with Governor Paco since he seems to be in love with her. Despite her nature, Tina is quite loyal to her friends, going so far as to kiss Governor Paco for the distraction to work (which just so happens to be her first kiss). Tina is rather aggressive when it comes to selling. During the fight, she uses her fists as a weapon. Tina also has no problem showing off her body in her signature black bikini with a yellow paw print and yellow strip. Tina is also seen in Tina OnLine, Paprika, and Tora Tora Tokyo.


Yuki is a caracal Nekomimi that accompanies Nekonny and Tina to Caribbean Blue. Yuki is the more mature of the two nekomimi, often providing morale support to both Nekonny, and Tina. Yuki is deadly afraid of spiders. Yuki tends to use her feminine charms to win over customers. During the fight, Yuki wields a hammer as a weapon. Yuki’s bikini style is a green watermelon print. Yuki is also seen in Tina OnLine, Paprika, and Tora Tora Tokyo.


The Snowmen are the various white individuals that inhabit Caribbean Blue. The Snowmen are nothing more than less detailed version of people that are only distinguished by their mannerisms, hats, and possessions carried on them. Noted Snowmen include the musicians, the Pringles man, and the Monopoly guy. The Snowmen also appear in Tina OnLine, Paprika, and Tora Tora Tokyo.


Alice is the security officer at Caribbean Blue. Alice serves as the mediator and voice of reason for Governor Taco Paco, especially during his arguments with Maya. Alice suffers an injury to her right eye during the battle with an Avatar.

Taco Paco

Taco Paco is Caribbean Blue’s governor. Taco Paco utilized the legend of the Nekocat and Maya’s appearance in order to oust Rose from governorship. Taco Paco doesn’t believe in the Nekocat legend itself but rather uses it for the island’s economic stability. Taco Paco often threatens Maya with foreclosing on Coral Inn and turning it into a chain hotel or a golf course. Taco Paco appears to have a crush on Tina.


The Nekocat is a female warrior that came to Caribbean Blue’s rescue whenever Jormungand attacked. With the citizens dubbing the warrior the Nekocat for her cat-like appearance, the Nekocat mysteriously vanished from the world after warning that she would return whenever evil threatens Caribbean Blue. The Nekocat left behind the Nekobell, a device that can transform cats into a nekomimi, and a light source that can transform into a weapon of the destined warrior’s choice. The Nekocat transcends centuries through generations and generations of cats that inhabit Caribbean Blue. The original Nekocat appears in ancient texts and in Kimi’s dream.

Nekocat Guardians

The Nekocat Guardians refers to the past Nekocats that became the next guardians for Caribbean Blue. Four such guardians reside in the Nekobell, first appearing in Nekonny’s presence when judging Nekonny. The Nekocat Guardians later appear in front of Nekonny with Kimi joining their ranks. For his sacrifice, the Nekocat Guardians grant Nekonny a permanent nekomimi form. Free of their duties to watch over Caribbean Blue, the Nekocat Guardians sacrifice their own existence to bring Kimi back to life.


Rose it the owner of Coral Inn that is more than happy to allow Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki in for extra nights in exchange for serving as maids. Ten years ago, Rose was out for a walk with her pet cat Maya. Rose was caught in a storm on top of the summit. Despite finding shelter in a cave, Maya ran away after hearing lightning. Rose went into the lighthouse in hopes of finding Maya but instead found a nude Nekomimi. Rose adopted her and named her Maya after her pet cat. Rose was the former governor; however, Taco Paco used Maya’s appearance and the Nekocat legends to oust her out office. Rose decided to open up the Coral Inn.


N-Chan is Nekonny’s supposed female Nekomimi form. Initially born from Maya’s comment that all of the Nekocats are females and thus Nekonny would become female if he became the Nekocat, N-Chan is seen primarily in New Year pictures.


Kimi is a native cat on Caribbean Blue. Kimi initially hides from Nekonny but does approach him, noting that his nose might be defective since didn’t introduce himself to the others. Kimi survives mostly through scraps that the natives and visitors give her and her roommates, Mika and Muna. Kimi starts to fall for Nekonny, showing him her home and dreaming of starting a family with him. Kimi becomes rather interested with the idea of becoming human. Kimi loves to dance on her hind legs. Kimi eventually realizes her destiny of becoming the next Nekocat. In nekomimi form, Kimi does find the experience interesting but hates wearing clothing. During the fight, Kimi wields the hammer. Kimi becomes a Nekocat Guardian but is brought back to life. Kimi leaves with Nekonny to see the rest of the world. Kimi’s signature swimwear is a blue one piece.


Mika is a native cat of Caribbean Blue that lives with Kimi and Muna, her twin. Mika often teases Kimi and the male cats on Caribbean Blue with her feminine charms. Mika develops a crush on Nekonny. During the fight, Mika uses swords as weapons.


Muna is a native cat of Caribbean Blue that lives with Kimi and Mika, her twin. Muna often teases Kimi and the male cats on Caribbean Blue with her feminine charms. Muna develops a crush on Nekonny. During the fight, Muna uses swords as weapons.


Yani is a male native cat of Caribbean Blue that is the only cat that actually has a human owner, who so happens to be Alice. Yani serves as guardian of Fort Royal. Yani takes the Nekocat duties and legends quite seriously and can easily tell that Nekonny isn’t a true cat.


Sussie is the name given to Jormungand’s avatars. The first Sussie was sent to gather intel on the island and its Nekocat once Nekonny activated the Nekobell. Upon its destruction, Sussies transform into pure light.


Kia is a ghost Nekocat Guardian that guards the light source. Kia examines Nekonny, Tina, and Yuki to determine who the next Nekocat is before settling on Kimi. Unable to leave the cave itself, Kia serves as a mentor for all future Nekocats.


Jormungand is the ancient evil that the Vikings sealed away and sent west towards Caribbean Blue. With the Nekobell serving as a prison, Jormungand is trapped in the oceans around Caribbean Blue. Despite its entrapment, Jormungand does have enough power to create avatars to serve as scouts and to communicate to Maya in retrieving the Nekobell. With its powers full restored, Jormungand emerges from the ocean and attacks. Kimi ultimately defeats Jormungand due to its arrogance and overconfidence.


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