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Carc and 'Slide #0 is a graphic novel created by Steven R. Addlesee (deceased 2015) and Richard A. Wright, published by FurNation Multimedia. The comic series was to be underway once Addlesee located a publisher. CARC & 'SLIDE is the continuing slice-of-life/action-adventure/superhero stories of Carc A'Jou and Landslide. Carc is a middle-aged wolverine who has lived quite a varied life as a comic-book artist, professional wrestler and adventurer among other occupations. 'Slide is a huge cybernetic cat whose first love is muscle cars and gadgeteering.

Together, Carc and 'Slide, along with an ever-growing cast of supporting characters, are either a comedy duo, tag-team, bounty hunters, or part of a superhero team. It merely depends on the situation they're in.