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Samuel Theylin Foxxmorgan, usually shortened to Captain Foxx, or Foxx (born 1988) is a furry artist from Phoenix, Arizona. He is a student at The Art Institute of Phoenix.

[edit] Fursona

Foxx's fursona is an alien blue fox from a species called the Canari. Its military rank is Alpha Captain on the Canari Defense Forces.

[edit] Fandom involvement

Foxx initially joined the furry fandom in 2002, when he joined deviantART. He intended to join under the name CaptainFoxx, however this was already taken and he thus opted for TheCaptainFoxx instead. This has become his standard username on numerous websites. In 2007, Foxx joined Fur Affinity.

Foxx's artwork consists mostly of fatfurs, inflation, macro and musclefurs.

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