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Farore's self-portrait.

Farore Nightclaw (born 1986) is a polyamorous, pansexual agender fantasy and anthro artist who first started posting online in 2004, but has been involved in the fandom since about 2002. Farore likes creating resources for other furry artists and experimenting with different art styles.


Farore is an anthropomorphic South China tiger robot. It is pictured to the above right.

Conventions and Meets[edit]

Farore was present at Howloween 2005, at Anthrocon 2007-2013, at Midwest FurFest 2006-present, Further Confusion 2014-present, and was a Guest of Honor at RainFurrest 2009 as well as an attendee in 2011. At conventions, Farore is usually in the Artists Alley and Art Show presenting their work.

Farore also used to attend the MNFurs Spring and Fall picnics, as well as their bi-weekly furmeets.

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