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Captain Kate.jpg

The sexy fox pirate Cap’n Kate, a product of artist Diana Vick's imagination, appeared in many sketch books in the late 80's. In Wild Kingdom #1, published by MU Press in 1992, she starred in a story called "Ransom at Sea", written by Edd Vick and Diana Vick (no relation), art by Diana Vick, with layout help by Phil Foglio. Her next story "Becalmed" appeared in Wild Kingdom #2, written by Edd, penciled by Diana and inked by Mike Raabe. Eventually Kate was featured in a full length book, Wild Kingdom #10- "WK presents the Amorous Adventures of Cap’n Kate", written and illustrated by Diana Vick and Mike Raabe. It also contained pinups by terrie Smith and Tom Milliorn.

A limited edition run of "The Cap'n Kate Fan Book was produced Diana Vick and featured art by Diana Vick, Mike Raabe and Edd Vick, and contained a previously unpublished story by Edd and Diana called "Where's Kate?".

Diana teamed up with SS Crompton and Edd Vick to include Kate in “Demi’s Wild Kingdom Adventures”, published by Carnal Comics in 2000.

Two cloisonne pins were produced by MU Press with Kate on them, designed by Diana Vick.