Cantrip the Magic Rabbit

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Cantrip the Magic Rabbit
Author(s) Shon Howell and Phil "Poinko" Gibson.
Update schedule Discontinued
Launch date June 19, 2000
End Date May 10, 2010
Genre 78
Cover of the Cantrip the Magic Rabbit trade paperback.

Cantrip the Magic Rabbit is a furry webcomic by Shon Howell and Phil "Poinko" Gibson. The plot concerns the strange things that are afoot in the sleepy town of Templarsville, Oklahoma.[1] The students at Julius Schwartz Memorial High are abuzz with rumors about the new girl, Candice Tripp.

The webcomic went on hiatus on May 10, 2010,[2] but was collected together and printed as a trade paperback by Radio Comix in 2013.[1]


  • Candice Tripp is the main character of the story. She was discovered in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere outside of the city of Templarsville, Oklahoma. There is a lot of mystery surrounding her actual identity, and even she cannot answer the questions about herself, being wracked with a horrible bout of amnesia.
  • Marigold Flutter, or Goldie to her friends, is an individual with a mighty quick temper, but she is also one of the most genuine friends anyone could ask for. The second eldest in a family of six children, she and her eldest brother Wade have become the surrogate parents for the family in the absence of their mother.
  • Bianca Featherton is one of the brightest girls in school, and uses her mental prowess to try and unfurl all the bizarre and surreal happenings of the world.
  • Dr Jebediah Tripp is a very well respected doctor in the city of Templarsville, and very well to-do besides. For some strange reason, he took an extremely personal interest in Candice when she was discovered, going so far as to even open up his home to her. He has a lot of odd and bizarre behaviors, more so than just could be chalked up to old age.
  • Parker Ames is a fellow student of Candice who is missing his left eye. Parker has a big crush on Goldie, although she is oblivious to it.
  • Pammie Broadstreet is one of Goldie’s best friends, and the hot fashion plate for Julius Schwartz Memorial High School. Pammie and Goldie go way back, and, while she can be brash sometimes, is very much like Goldie; she can be one of the most loyal and true friends one could ever ask for.


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