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CanineHybrid's logo

CanineHybrid is the online username of Michelle "Riley" Carbaugh (born 1990), a native of Colorado, USA. She is an animator who has received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Colorado. Riley is a therian, digital artist, and fursuiter/maker with a "canine-hybrid" character, a German Shepherd crossed with a dinosaur.

Riley regularly attends Rocky Mountain Fur Con (RMFC) and most Colorado-based conventions. She has created fursuit costumes since around 2006 and offers tutorials, progress photos, and advice for beginning fursuit construction on her YouTube channel. Her series of Pokemon creature costumes, including Charizard, Aerodactyl, Leafeon, Shadow Lugia, and Groudon (2007-2011), have competed for awards at various anime conventions.

CanineHybrid Creations[edit]

Riley operates under the trade name CanineHybrid Creations, which was officially founded in August 2007. The business specializes in a variety of creative services: design, character artwork, creature costumes, & animation, to name a few- often hybridizing these artforms together to create unique projects.[1] An online webstore offers a variety of original products intended for incorporating into the construction of creature suits. CanineHybrid Creations has obtained dealer's room space at RMFC each year since 2010.

Original Characters[edit]

CanineHybrid's Characters

Riley has created several characters that are often associated with her work or identity. The most notable are:

  • "Riley" the female German Shepherd dog, or alternatively as a G-shep and dinosaur hybrid, who serves as her fursona. A suit is under construction.
  • "Theod" the male Ruasonid, an original alien species that resembles an anthropomorphic raptor. A suit with digitigrade stilts is under construction.
  • "Tusami" the female silver dragon, the character and username of her previous online identity.


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