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Cane McKeyton's fursona

Cane McKeyton (born 1990) is a furry artist and somewhat of a furry lifestyler currently living in Hawaii. His usual fursona is a red fox.

[edit] Fursonas

Cane McKeyton: This is Cane's primary fursona. Cane is the heir to a vast fortune though he rarely flaunts his money around. He is generally portrayed as calm, collected, and rational. However at times he is accident prone and sometimes shown to be dimwitted. He tries to be a good person though and will generally choose the right path.

Rigel Vega: Cane's secondary fursona. Rigel is a cheetah fox hybrid, and a cyborg. Rigel is in fact descended from Cane McKeyton and lives 200 years in the future from him. Cyberntics make up more than half his body and continues to add on more. Rigel also has the ability to control time and space, traveling though time at will. He often visits Cane and refers to him simply as "grandpa." Rigel is portrayed to be both highly intelligent knowledge wise but extremely incompetent in common sense. His parents died when he was very young and was raised by machines. He never saw the light of day until he turned thirteen. As such he lacks most basic social skills to be accepted in larger society. He tries to follow the right path though he often messes up whether or not he actually realizes it.

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