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Candy Dewalt, also known as Trixi, Vinci Nicolaides, or just Vinci (née Candy Lewin; born 1980), is an artist. She lives in California, has a bachelor's degree in Social Science, and a postgraduate teaching certification.


[edit] Art

Dewalt's cartooning style is inspired in part by animator Chuck Jones. She and her husband, Ryan Dewalt (Tet), co-create the webcomic Vinci & Arty.

Although her character Vinci, a raccoon with red eyes and raspberry hair, derives his origin from her husband's "Guardians of Gaia" science-fiction universe, the Vinci & Arty continuity is significantly different in theme, tone, and basic assumptions.

Dewalt frequently uses her comic, and numerous single-panel portrayals of Vinci, to address real-world social issues and controversies; for instance, the comic Vinci and Arty frequently disagree on how "out" they should be concerning their relationship status and private lives.

[edit] Fandom involvement

Candy is an administrator for the YNA. She and husband Ryan were guests of honor at Morphicon 2006.

[edit] Fursona

Candy's personal fursona is Trixi; she often uses Vinci as her avatar on LiveJournal and other forums. Both of these characters have appeared in other places, such as Jack and the Gene Catlow comic.

[edit] Convention attendance

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