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Camrath was a member of the British furry fandom. He was active in the LondonFurs scene since 1999, and left the fandom in 2014.[1]


Camrath is normally represented as an anthropomorphic barbary lion with the signature barbary-lion full length mane. In real life he is a tall and well built male in his early 30s.

Furry interaction[edit]

Camrath came to the furry fandom via the online fandom of The Lion King - specifically through the TLK-L mailing list and TLKMuck. After attending his first meet in September 1999 he rapidly became a regular fixture of the Londonfur meets.

In September 2011, he joined the LondonFurs organising committee.[2]

He has attended the following conventions:

Camrath identifies as fully heterosexual.

He is generally found in the company of Klepsydra wherever she may be, and together with her is a founder member and bassist with The Donutsh, a band that draws its members entirely from the furry community.

Camrath is dating Skye, also known as Revel; a sparkledog fursuiter, fursuit maker and bodypainter from the Midlands.


Camrath dates from a time before fursuits had really made it over to the UK, and when face-painting was very much the method of furry expression used by the Londonfurs. He has carried on with this throughout the years, with his early efforts best described as 'Looking like a scary clown'. However over the years he has refined his work having appeared at RBW 2009 and 2010, Confuzzled 2010 and 2011 and Eurofurence 2011 in his work; latterly accompanied by Revel the Sparkledog and Tux the white tiger.

Their performance and behaviour at Eurofurence 2011 has led to their strict bodypainting rules being significantly relaxed; something Camrath takes as a personal victory.


Camrath had intended bodypainting whilst attending Eurofurence 17, but due to a rule prohibiting this, he purchased a zentai suit, removed the head, and painted it to match his fursonas coloration, with a separate, custom-made mane headpiece. He also possesses a gnoll (hyena) zentai, that made an appearance at Eurofurence 17 and at various LARP events.

He has recently (April 2012) started making these to commission, with the first batch due in late May.

The Donutsh[edit]

Main article: The Donutsh

Camrath is the bassist with this motley crew of furry musicians. The band's current lineup consists of:

  • Klepsydra: Lead guitarist, lyricist, singer, all around driving force.
  • Camrath: Bassist, backup singer, frontman.
  • Ullan: Rhythm guitarist, assistant lyricist, moustache wearer.
  • Shazomei: Keyboardist, backup vocals, source of sanity and professionalism.
  • Blacksnip: Drummer.

The band formed on New Years Eve 2007 during a drugs-and-alcohol fuelled binge at Camrath's home, during which it was decided that Guitar Hero was wank and it'd be far better to play the instruments for real. Several years later, the band has released their first EP- 'We Are All Strange Jane'(2011) and have been performing regular gigs throughout the UK, with guest appearances and shows played at Confuzzled 2011 and 2012.

The band's musical style is hard to pin down, drawing influences from the Singer/Songwriter and Punk genres above all else, with a healthy dose of rock'n'roll thrown into the mix. The Donutsh self-identify as playing 'Garoucore', in the absence of anyone else laying a claim to that genre. Their songs are not, in general, about furry topics outright, but often contain nods or references to the furry world or to topics and tropes popular within it.


Camrath lives in Finchley, North London, with Ullan.


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