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Furry camping is a type of furry get-together in which most of the events takes place outdoors. As in normal camping outings, the participants are likely to either take temporary shelter in a tent, cabin, or lodge, particularly in a wooded or climatologically partially-inhospitable area.

While not technically regarded as camping, ski events also mostly take place outside of manmade buildings (while the participants are likely to take shelter in a hotel). Waterborne cruises such as Furry Cruise, however, mostly fall outside of the outdoor event genre, since most of the subevents within the cruise take place in or on a boat, where hotel-style accommodations and amenities are readily available.

Until its demise, Oklacon was the largest single furry camping convention in the world, and also the first and longest-running outdoor furry convention in the United States. However, Camp Feral! is the longest running furry camping convention in the world. As of 2019, the biggest U.S. camping events are Wild Nights and Campfire Tails.

Outdoor events overview[edit]

Furry camping, in comparison to indoor furmeets and conventions, tend to have less constant worries about attendee capacity, as the main incentive for campers is to bring their own temporary shelter and gear. However, as most furry camping events as of 2009 take place in the summer in continental climate zones, the main worry for organizers is the safety and self-regulation of furry campers in a less-constrained, less-tamed atmosphere.

Typical tracks and events[edit]

  • Activities around a campfire
  • Barbecue and outdoors cooking
  • Dancing
  • Games
  • Geocaching
  • Large-scale outdoor games such as Predator - Prey, Tag, or Capture the Flag
  • Music
  • Poetry and storytelling
  • Swimming (if a safe body of water is nearby)

Camps and other outdoor furmeets[edit]