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Campfire Tails is a furry convention held in Oregon, USA. Unlike traditional conventions, it is a camping event akin to Camp Feral and Oklacon. Campfire Tails was founded and chaired by C.S. Mounier up to November 2012. As of Campfire Tails 2013, Devin is the chair.


Campfire Tails mascot, by NullEnigma
  • Campfire Tails 2011 - Campfire Tails 2011 was scheduled for August 4-8. This year's theme was Choose Your Own Adventure. Participants found themselves having a variety of adventures in a parody of a picturesque 1979 resort summer camp. Attendance was 94.
  • Campfire Tails 2012 - Campfire Tails 2012 was scheduled for August 2-6. This year's theme was Keep Furry Weird!. This theme's aim was to bring out everyone's inner eccentric, summer made a time of active hyperbole. Attendance was 135.
  • Campfire Tails 2013 - Campfire Tails 2013 took place over August 1-5. Its theme was Outpost 27, aimed to bring post apocalypse-themed camps and interactive environments to the year's attendees. Attendance was 113.
  • Campfire Tails 2014 took place over July 31 - August 4, 2014. The theme was "Caulk The Wagon And Float It".[1] Attendance was 130.


The "structure of CFT is based on attendee-driven events called Happenings." A happening is an event of artistic significance at Campfire Tails. It can be anything ranging from traditional art exhibits and themed camps, to participatory events (like craft workshops), to community builds, to mixed medium art displays, to something instantaneous and fluid, like a flash mob or a musical performance.

Any attending member can suggest or form a happening as long as the event is legal and there is room to schedule it.[citation needed]


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