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Camo breakdancing, drawing by Skaifox.

Camo Rovak (also known as Camo Husky, Camo for short; born 1989)[1] is a furry who attends college in Storrs, Connecticut, USA. His fursona is a red and gray Siberian husky. Camo got his name from the fact that he always wears camouflage in real life. He has been a part of the furry fandom since late 2007.

Camo is an active user on Fur Affinity, LiveJournal, and YouTube. Some activities he likes to do are snowboarding, drawing, making videos, breakdancing, and paintball. He created the LiveJournal community paintball_furs because he "felt there was a dire need for it".

Camo used to have a "college partier" husky suit, but as of 2012 owns an "adventurous" German Shepherd suit.


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