Camelot MUCK

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Camelot MUCK is a role-playing MUCK with an anthropomorphic theme, set in the time of King Arthur.


  • Woof - Head Wiz (Camelot Questions only!)
  • Bander - PR Wiz & Morale Officer
  • Percival - Problems handled: Ask and we'll find out together.


  • Apheler - Listening to anything but MUF
  • Bob - Moof!
  • DonQuixote
  • Kali-Anuka - General do-gooder and spiffy pal.
  • Psahro - Building, Zombies, Getting started.
  • Ringo - Welcoming Committee/General help
  • Skylore - Building, RP, Descriptions, Shrinking heads :)
  • Talenyn - Getting started, building, descriptions, items.
  • Taller - Chief HS/MPI/Building/Complaints
  • Xyanth - Building, MUF, MPI, Flags, Zombies....Mmmm...Pieee.


Camelot MUCK is permanently included in the New Session window on MuckClient, as the head wizard created the program ("Woofware").