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Cambridge Castle MUCK was a fantasy role-playing MUCK.

  • Addresses:
    • MUCK server:, port 7777
    • C&C MUCK servers:, port 1234 (was, port 1234)
    • Website: (defunct)
  • Previous names: Castles&Coves
  • Ran from/to: 1998-2000 (as Castles and Coves) 2000-2004 (as Cambridge Castle MUCK)


The game was a fantasy based world, with minimal technology (pre-Renaissance technology level.) The world had no major structure, or major rules as to races, which allowed for a freeform game experience that was mostly controlled by the players' consensus on what should be included. Argo (previously Medusa) was the major wizard in control of the game, handing control to Artica a couple of years before the game's demise.



  • Argo - Head Wizard/MUF
  • Artica - Helpstaff/Builder Wiz
  • Athos - Builder Wizard
  • Caelan - Roleplay Wizard
  • Lobo - Asst. RP/Asst. Builder Wizard
  • Wog - MUF/Tech


  • Aurora - General Help/Newbies
  • Grimbor - Building/Misc/General Shtuff
  • SilverClaw - General Help / MPI


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