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Camaro Cougar by Cheetah GT
Astral Ace (Retired)

Camaro Cougar is an artist, voice actor, and fursuiting activist from central Scotland. She campaigns against bullying and poverty, and enjoys attending conventions and socialising with other furries.

While her character is female, and she considers herself female, her human counterpart is actually male.

Retired Aliases: Astral Ace, Kiba Coeurl

Short Bio[edit]

She was part of the furry fandom as a lurker from 2010-2014 under the name Kiba Coeurl. (A male cougar) She left the fandom to join the trend of the brony uprising.

After a long period of not fitting in, suffering a lot of bullying, and being driven to suicide she decided that the Brony fandom was something of an abusive relationship, she loved it with all her heart, but it failed to live up to her romanticized expectations.

After several failed voice acting endeavors, due to bad team management, and months of bullying. She felt she could no longer stay or be involved in the Brony community that was constantly bringing her down. Being a lurker in the furry fandom since 2012, She re-joined openly and full time on September 13, 2017, as Camaro Cougar. She left the brony fandom officially in 2016 and hasn't looked back.

She retired her brony character but retained all rights to her OC.

Her brony OC was a male Pegasus called Astral Ace. He had white fur, a black mane and tail, and a philosophy-inspired cutie mark. It was an infinity loop, with a lightning bolt through the middle, and stars inside the hoops.

(Property and Copyright (C) of Astral Ace Productions / Camaro Cougar 2015-2018 and onward)

Camaro is completely committed now to the Furry Fandom, and enjoys the kind, compassionate, and warm community with all her heart.


Camaro, like most cougars in the real world, is a loner who prefers isolation. She is shy and nervous but is loyal to a fault to those around that she feels comfortable with. She is very trusting, and generous, to a fault, which often leads to her being taken advantage of, or defending someone who is in the wrong because they have not been honest about themselves.

Camaro enjoys watching Dr Kage's wine streams, drawing, and voice acting. She has been a Dr Kage Patron since December 2016. She can be very shy, and she is the type of cat who is funny when's she not trying to be, and not funny when she is trying. She procrastinates a LOT, and can be a bit of a ditz. She can say silly things sometimes that often make her feel embarrassed later. She is a fierce protector of her friends, and loyal to a fault.

Disloyalty towards her hurts her gravely because of the level of trust and love she gives to others. She dreads this most of all. She is an anxious person who fears people leaving her. She has some abandonment issues, and a general anxiety about trusting others due to traumatic events that happened in her past. But she will be a loyal friend to your for life, and be there for you, as long as you do the same back.

Voice Work[edit]

Camaro Cougar / Astral Ace VA Productions, has cut all ties and revoked all rights of use from Harmony Studios.
Sonic the Hedgehog : Shadow and Marine as 'Knuckles' (2010)
Comic Reading "Dirty Talk" by FlutterRose as 'Big Mac' (PG-13 Rated) (Original Ver.) (Uncredited) (2015)
Pony Wicked by Crimson Rose : as the 'Witch's Father' (2016) (Cancelled)
Guest Star - Bloopers Galore - QVP - (as Astral Ace) (2016)
Guest Star - Bloopers Galore - QVP - (as Scottish Bartender) (2016)

Shining Gets in Touch with His Feminine Side (Scottish Bartender) (2016) (NSFW)
Written by Flutterpriest and Produced by Quelling Voice Productions

Comic Dub "Simile" (2018) as Indian Genie
Comic Dub "Simile" (2018) as Nervous Dragon
Produced and Edited by A Voice And A Like (YouTube)

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