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Calypso Husky is a graphic designer who lives in Lexington, KY, USA. She obtained her Associates in Applied Science w/ Graphic Design Credentials from Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

She is a Dancer Fur and a Comedian who loves to have fun and make new friends.

Photo of Calypso Husky from Fur Reality 2015.

Fursonas and Fursuits[edit]

Calypso has two fursonas.

Reference Sheet for Calypso Husky as created by Hyperotter Designs.

The first fursona is a grey and white male Siberian Husky who dons the name Calypso. He is distinguished by his eye colors (his right eye is blue and his left eye is purple) as well as a few geometric deviations in his fur pattern at his elbows and a diamond-shaped patch of white fur on the back of his head. Calypso is a wild child with a big mouth and a Seth-MacFarlane-like sense of humor. He loves to dance and loves to drum. He also cosplays as Captain Calypso, a Chief Medical Officer for Starfleet, on occasion.

Reference Sheet for Oxy Otter as created by Hyperotter Designs.

The second fursona is a female North American River Otter named Oxy. She is distinguished by her light-blue and light-green colored fur as well as a tri-colored iris on both eyes. This character is more representative of Calypso's sweeter and more reserved side. Oxy doesn't talk, but squeaks like many otters. She is often much shyer than Calypso, but in certain situations she can be hyper or a bit sassy. She, too, likes to dance, but doesn't take it as seriously as Calypso does. She cosplays as a Hogwarts Student on occasion.

Calypso constructed both of her first fursuits for both of her characters.

Calypso Husky's partial was finished in January 2014 and made his debut at Lexington Comic Con, where he cosplayed as Captain Calypso. Since his initial construction he has undergone several re-makes and will sport a new look in Fall/Winter 2015.

Oxy Otter's full suit made her debut at Fur Reality 2014. Oxy has since been commissioned as a full digi-grade suit by Coffee Costumes, owned by Coffee the Rat of Indiana.

Introduction to the Furry Fandom[edit]

Calypso was unaware of the existence of the furry fandom until the summer of 2014. She was considering the idea of creating her own mascot costume to wear in support of her brother's high school marching band. During her research into mascot creation/construction, she came across the furry music video "Good Time", starring Dancing Duke and Sparky. She was hooked from there; she enjoyed watching videos of different conventions and fursuits, and wanted to join in the fun.

Calypso made the decision to create a fursuit, and to have it done by Halloween 2013, but the deadline was not made. The fursuit was constructed between July, 2013, and January. 2014.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Calypso is active in the KyFurs regional group. She is an event planner as well as an administrator for the KYFurs website.

Calypso began hosting small local events in late 2014. She then moved on to being hosting larger local events in February, 2015 when she hosted FurStrike, a fursuit bowling event held at Collin's Bowling Centers in Lexington, KY. Calypso is the host of the KYFurs Annual Cookout as well as a co-host of the KYFurs Menagerie.

Furry Conventions[edit]

While Calypso is very active in her local fandom, she doesn't often attend conventions. She goes about under the hope that this will change, but for now she is content with the occasional appearance.

She unsuccessfully tried out for the Furry Dance Competition at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015. She also did an open-mic bit at Fur Reality 2015.

Conventions Attended to Date: Fur Reality 2014, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015, Fur Reality 2015

HyperOtter Designs[edit]

HyperOtter Designs is the brand of merchandise created by Calypso. The name and colors are derived from Oxy Otter, as Oxy is the face of Calypso's crafty side. Calypso takes commissions for digital and traditional furry badges. She also specializes in perler bead art, t-shirt graphics and jewelry creation.

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