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A group portrait of the Calumny crew, by Monique MacNaughton

The Calumny Pub was a location on FurryMUCK themed as a tough waterside tavern, consciously bucking the general trend of tolerance elsewhere on the MUCK.


It was significant in the late 1990s as a focal point for anti-furry sentiment, forming a community of disgruntled artists and scathing critics of the fandom at large. Noteworthy members included Random, Malton, Coyote Nate, Roxiana, Rackety and Weaver.


The pub had a number of amusing features written into its coding, including various creative exits for boisterous users to be ejected from the pub, including a harpoon. After being bounced from the pub, the user would be thrown into the dirty water below the docks and be forced to climb a ladder to return to the tavern.


The pub was also notable, to the wizards at the time and after the fact to others, for having at least one exact copy of itself which enabled the core group to invite people in without having new invites being part of the "real" club. Anything said or done in the faux-Calumny Pub was transmitted to the "real" club as entertainment for the core group.[citation needed]

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