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Holiday Inn in Costa Mesa, where Califur 3 was held
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Califur 3 (aka. CaliFur.III) was held May 4-6, 2007 by FENEC Adventures at The Holiday Inn in Costa Mesa, California. The theme for the 2007 gathering was "Our Favorite Furry Villains" (e.g. Scar, Professor Ratigan, Don Karnage, Jack Salem, Bun Bun, and more). The 2006 Ursa Major Awards ceremony was held during the opening night of the convention.

According to the Califur website, advance registration numbers were larger than expected and all available Dealers Den spaces were sold out at least a month before the event.[1] The 496 registered attendees[citation needed] were a sign that the con had again outgrown its venue after three years.

Featured Guests[edit]

The Artist Guests of Honor were Balaa and Roz Gibson. The Musical Guest of Honor was Marc Gunn. (Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers)

Fred Patten also made an appearance at the con and donations were taken towards his ongoing medical care.




Califur 3 Dance
  • Saturday Morning Cartoon Breakfast
  • Fursuit Show & Tell
  • Pet Auction
  • Mission Furpossible - A continuation of the Treasure Hunt featured at Califur 2. The objective is to locate a bomb and disarm it before time is up.



Talk Back at end of Califur 3
The Gaming Room at Califur 3

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  1. Online registration is now closed at

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