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Califur 2018 was to be the fifteenth iteration of the Califur convention, held over June 1-3, 2018,[1] but was cancelled April 23, 2018.[2]

The theme for Califur 2018 would have been "Wild West".[3]

Loss of convention venue[edit]

Comm chatter on the Altfurry Discord regarding Califur (2017)

On February 28, 2018, the @Califur Twitter account announced that due to the "threats and protests" that resulted in a major increase in security costs to the convention in 2017, their venue is refusing to host the convention.[4]

The threats and protests mentioned were part of a campaign organized by the AltFurry Discord,[5][6] a Discord chat group for Alt Furries, an "explicitly right-wing, explicitly radical furry political movement".[7]

The campaign was based on an Alt Furry Discord consensus that a babyfur panel scheduled to appear at Califur 2017 was pedophilic in nature. Some of the ways the campaign worked was, for example, using AltFurry Discord's Twitter (maintained by Len Gilbert) to send the hotel sexual cub-related art drawn by Jaga Fuxfell, portraying it as an example of what would be featured in the panel at the con,[8] or via message or phone calls to the hotel itself.[9]


Califur staff was unable to find a new venue for the convention that year, and so announced the cancellation April 23rd, promising to return in 2019 as "Califur 3".[2] The promise also included a guarantee that 2018 registrations would carry over to the next year, and that they would attempt to issue refunds on request, but that not everyone would be able to receive a refund.[2]


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