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Draconis is the performer in fursuits such as Jugular Jaguar and Calamity Cougar. He has organized variety shows and fursuit parades at conventions. He has been on staff of Rocket City FurMeet, Oklacon, and Furry Fiesta.

JJ solicits signatures to remove raccoons, with some success

Jugular Jaguar, or JJ for short, is a famous fursuit that has been spotted at almost all major furcons in the Eastern US.

JJ often carries around a Magna Doodle® board which he uses to communicate with the audience, if necessary.

The Bell of Annoyance, currently safely stored out of JJ's paw reach

Out of multiple stunts pulled by this pesky jaguar, probably the most well known are the Bell of Annoyance (which helped to raise MFM's contributions to Tiger Haven charity), and Dunk The Jaguar (the right to throw JJ into the RCFM hotel pool was auctioned off for the benefit of the charity).

At MFF 2005, Jugular Jaguar was responsible for a petition to "change the MFF mascot to anything but a raccoon", for which he was duly chastised at the Variety show.

At Wild Nights 2011, Draconis served as Events and Promotions Director.[1]

In 2012, Draconis was a guest of honor at both the F3 Convention and Fangcon.

As of 2013, Draconis has worked at Furry Fiesta for every year since Furry Fiesta 2010, putting together the variety show, now known as the Furry Drama show.[2]

In 2017, Draconis was a guest of honor at AnthrOhio 2017.


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